Hand of God Season 2 Release Date

Hand of God Season 2 Release Date


At the center of this TV series is a thoroughly corrupt judge in the performance of actor Ron Perlman. This person truly believes that he is able to communicate with some higher powers … He heard voices. People around him believe that he was simply insane. And for good reason. So the Main character in the life of an unlucky streak, the apotheosis of which was his son, who had tried to commit suicide. Now he is in a coma.

The first season was well received by the audience, as evidenced by the high ratings. Amazon company has decided to shoot the sequel to the series.

Amazon for now can’t name the exact release date for the second season. Hand of God season 2 release date is expected in fall of 2016. Currently the second season in the pre-production stage.


The Main role in Hand of God season 2 episode 1 played Ron Perlman. The series also stars Dana Delany, Andre Royo, Garret Dillahunt, Alona Tal, Elizabeth McLaughlin. The showrunner of the series  Hand of God season 2 premiere is Ben Watkins. The series is removed by order of Amazon Studios.


The focus of in hand of God season 2 premiere the judge (Perlman) who keeps the whole city in its own hands. Corruption, land grabbing, illegal transactions and violence are also part of his daily work, but after the son is trying to commit suicide and falls into a coma, life changes dramatically judge. He begins to think that it is the Almighty instruct him in all things, and he decides to take up justice in the city. But he is delirious or indeed established a relationship with the Lord, you decide.

Interesting Facts

  • Finally the American service Amazon Prime Instant Video streaming determined when will happen the second season of Hand of God;
  • The second season of Hand of God was announced in mid-December 2015;
  • According to some rumors, Hand of God will be prolonged for the third season.

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Hand of God trailer

Hand of God – Offizieller Trailer – Staffel 1 Deutsch | Amazon Originals

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