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3% is a reality TV series, which was produced and created in America. The season premiere of it was on July in the year of 2012 and only now you will see the continuation of it. The 3% 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


The cast of this serial includes Alex Miranda, who is the Main character here and a narrator. He is a very talented man, who makes this extraordinary serial full of unforgettable moments.

The serial is presented by Alex Miranda. The composer is Miles Hankins. The executive producers are Jane Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth, Chris Columbus, Avi Nir, Ami Glam.


That serial will present you a dystopian future and the world, which is changed into the other side. Here you will see, how it is divided into contrasting parts. People of different status and of different ages are shown here. You will have an opportunity to see the poverty-stricken and dismal, which appear in the governmental place for the big amount of time. The contestants of this show must pass all the challenges, but only the 3% of contestants will have an opportunity to win the prices.

They are also called as a privileged group of individuals. Very often they are located on the coast of Brazil, so while watching this serial you will see pieces of mythical paradise.

Each new contestant of the show is an individual and you will understand it while watching this cinema masterpiece. In the first sight you may think, that they are just an ordinary people, but then, when the time was gone, you will estimate, what are the differences between them and other people.


The reality TV serial is adorable because it consists of the most unpredictable tasks. Only strong people can manage with them and overcome all the problems, which appear on their way to success. To be honest, the Main idea will be realized only by adults, so children aren’t allowed to watch this.

The new episode lasts for 43 minutes, so you can watch it everyday episode by episode.

When the person didn’t know the season air date, he or she can use this Story in order to get the necessary data.

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