19-2 Season 3

A relatively new procedural drama that is known to us as “19-2” is going to hit Bravo programming list this summer. The thing is that the premiere date of the third installment has been recently defined and it is June 20, 2016.

A portion of basic info concerning the project

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The first aspect that should be revealed is the genre of the story being broadcast on the Bell Media’s Bravo channel in the form of the multipart movie. So the serial is a procedural investigative drama being developed by the Canadian team of creators led by R?al Boss? (Seducing Doctor Lewis, The Bottle) and Claude Legault (7 Days, 10 ?, Mon meilleur ami). The screenwriting issue has been entrusted also to Jesse McKeown (Rogue, Robson Arms) and Bruce M. Smith (Cracked, University).
The crew of executives is composed of such names as Greg Phillips, Carolyn Newman (My Big, Big Friend, Single White Spenny), Luc Ch?telain (Amelia, Metallic Blues), Saralo MacGregor (Serangoon Road), and Jocelyn Desch?nes (Mirador, Mauvais Karma).2014.
The language in which the serial is shot is French. Its English version appeared in Canada at the end of January.
The English language version adaptation debuted in Canada on January 29, 2014.

Squeezing through plot details

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Fate is more likely to propose to us various twists and turns than to leave us alone. The main characters of this particular story are not an exception when considering the aforementioned fact.
So the central characters named Nick and Ben are two young people with different point-of-views who are unable to bear each other. The thing is that they should work in s tight collaboration against their will. These heroes are the investigators in one police department in Montreal.
When exploring the case, they try to work separately relying only on their own background. The conflict turns to be more interlaced by the fact that each of them belongs to a different race.
Despite all their unwillingness to cooperate, they have to. With the serial running, the heroes turn to look after each other and all these differences disappear step by step.

Following latest developments

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More than a year ago we turned to get to know that our favorite serial under the unusual title “19-2” is going to return to Canadian screens in the form of the third chapter. The filming of the upcoming chapter began the same summer. So now the premiere should seem like being around the corner.
In order to loosen the suspense kept for about a year, the creators have recently revealed information concerning the 19-2 season 3 release date. So it is going to be June 20. Moreover, the developers have also announced the serial resumption for the fourth installment that can be expected to hit television in the next year.
So less than three weeks thus has been left now for us to prepare for new episodes. Keep abreast of the situation together with us and you will be notified about any changes that can take place with this project.


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