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The 100 is a TV series of American production. It combines two genres, including drama and science fiction. For the first time, the show was shown in 2014. The series is created by J. Rothenberg. The plot of the show is inspired by the book by K. Morgan. The premiere of the season 3 took place 21 Jan. 2016. Currently, the season 4 is shot.

The series is about a nuclear apocalypse that made people live outside of the Earth. In some time, a group of teens returns to back to the planet to seek for an opportunity to live there.

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The cast of the show includes the following actors:

  • Eli Goree,
  • Bob Morley,
  • Ricky Whittle,
  • Isaiah Washington,
  • Christopher Larkin,
  • Kelly Hu,
  • Paige Turco,
  • Marie Avgeropoulos,
  • Eliza Taylor,
  • Henry Ian Cusick,
  • Thomas McDonell,
  • Lindsey Morgan,
  • Devon Bostick,
  • Richard Harmon.

The 100 Season 4


The Earth was significantly damaged due to an apocalypse that had occurred ninety-seven years ago. Those people, who managed to survive, had to live on twelve stations. All the stations form one large station “The Ark.” Because the resources are very limited, all crimes regardless of what they have they done are ejected into space unless they are under eighteen years old.

Because of the problems with supporting life systems of Ark, one hundred prisoners are sent to the Earth in order to help determine whether it is possible to live on the planet. The program is called “The 100.” Finally, the teens appear on the planet for the first time. They found a military station where they hoped to find any supplies. However, there were other problems that they encountered during their attempt to form a community. The teens discovered that there were other people living on the planet who had managed to survive. Those were the Grounders looking for a permanent power supply.  There was also a group of Grounders who started eating people.

The group of teens is getting smaller because some of them die due to different circumstances. By the season 2, there are only forty-eight of them remaining. At the same time, the residents of the Ark launched several stations throughout the Earth and created a union with the Grounders. What next is going to happen on the suffering planet?

The 100 Season 4


The premier of the show has attracted the attention of 2,700,000 viewers. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has obtained 72%. Its score on Metacritic has been 63/100. The seasons 2 and 3 have reached the best result on Rotten Tomatoes. In 2016, it appeared in the list of forty most popular science fiction television series.

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