The 100 Season 3 Release Date

The 100 season 3 release date
The 100 season 3 release date was confirmed. Will there be the new season to this fantastic series of television CW?
Suring spring of 2014 was presented to the first season of sci-fi series called The 100. The new series of the channel CW has become one of the largest in recent years, gained immense popularity. After a successful first season of the show, the creators of the series were extended for a second season, which was released in the autumn of the same year.
What will happen next? Will we see a third season? Answers to these questions will know very soon.

This post-apocalyptic drama series tells the story of a hundred young offenders, which was sent to a lifeless Earth, where almost a hundred years ago there was a nuclear Armageddon.

The 100 season 3 release date was confirmed

The plot:
Under the new conditions for mutual survival, young people will have to overcome the contradictions between themselves and begin to form a new frets on land that has changed significantly over the years.
If the second season will be able to repeat the success of the first, then we will certainly wait for the continuation in the form of 3 seasons. In case of extension of the series, the new series will be shown in the march of 2016.

The 100 season 3 release date is January 21 2016.
Do you like this show? Do you want to watch their third season?

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