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Are you an admirer of the survival shows on Discovery Channel? If yes, you should be already acquainted with the series under the name “Yukon Men”. The serial is now on the bubble with the latest fifth season being released quite recently. So there is so far nothing to worry about. All we need to do now is to enjoy the current installment.


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The survival series under the title “Yukon Men” makes for the reality show that enlarges upon the way of living of a number of residents of the isolated territories in Alaska that are perched by the Yukon River.
The serial comes to be developed by the fabrication company titled specifically Paper Route Productions. The premiere of the pioneer installment was scheduled on the home channel of the project called Discovery Channel at the end of August 2012. At the present moment of being, we are dealing with the launch of the fifth chapter being in possession of full four seasons. The latest chapter has been brought to airing in the middle of March this year.

What does here come for portrayal?

The action depicted turns to be set in one village in Alaska perched as we have already mentioned near the Yukon River. Civilization is not the thing that can be found there as it is situated about one hundred miles from the Arctic Circle. So there is no doubting that weather and life conditions are the harshest there. So life in that place is not for weak people.
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The village is populated by two hundred people. Each day they face not only severe weather but also ever-growing amount of wolves’ raids. One question can appear in our minds: what are these people busy with in order to supply themselves with the necessaries of life? Well, they lead the life of the ancient people hunting, fishing, raising sled dogs. This list of their routine activities is not done.
In the most recent season, new ways of life appear. Their lives turn to be threatened by a pack of wolves with which they have to fight. They also face the very sad consequences of wildfires.

How has the serial been accepted through its run?

As the statistics says, the serial has garnered mostly positive commentaries towards its creation. On IMDb, for instance, the series is scored with more than 7 points from 10. As for the amount of viewership, it is no so great yet enough for creating sequential seasons. This number comprises specifically one million viewers. The amount is by the way steady.
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Can we expect the return of the story in the form of the sixth season?

Surely, there are some reasons to suppose that probably, we are going to be pleased by another pack of new episodes of the show. But according to the current situation, we have nothing to say about the Yukon Men season 6 release date and concerning the possibility of the serial being picked up for another run. Consequently, we should be ready to receive any kind of news in the near future. That’s why it is recommended to stay with us in order to be notified timely.


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