You Can Do Better Season 2

The projects, which simplify life and make it a little funnier is that the audience needs at present. Among the variety of serious programs involving important issues of politics, business and so on the show You Can Do Better stands out, which has been broadcasted on TV channel truTV since the summer of 2016. A large number of useful subjects are beloved by the audience, and the hosts’ manner of presenting information allows everybody to understand even complex things, told in simple language.
After the first season premiere most of the public is puzzled with quite a logical question: is You Can Do Better coming back for season 2? Release Date of the renewed series hasn’t been announced yet, but despite the absence of exact information the audience believes that the new episode will be presented when all the conventions are executed.
You Can Do Better Season 2 Cast

Cast and Authors Crew

The next season air date and the number of episodes in it are still unknown. On August 23, 2016 the first episode debuted, and since then 13 30-minute episodes have been released.
The hosts of the program are two well-known showmen:

  • Matthew Latkiewicz, an author and producers;
  • Abbi Crutchfield, a famous American comedian.

The company producing You Can Do Better and responsible for the return of the projects on the screens is Redtail Media. The channel broadcasting the program is truTV.
The cast of the first season includes the following characters:

  • Terrance played by Danilo Di Julio;
  • Chloe (Danilo’s wife Corianna Di Julio);
  • Dana (Berkley Wallace);
  • Lindsey who is presented by Nichole Stallings and others.

You Can Do Better Season 2 Spoiler
It’s unknown whether the same actors will take part in season two or not, everything that’s remained is just waiting for the exact schedule of episodes and the confirmed information.

About the Show

The show You Can Do Better reveals various life hacks that may help in everyday life. The list of issues being raised by the authors is very extensive: these are topics connected with business, alcohol, friendship, renovation, sex and many others. All the information is usually presented in a humorous form, so the viewers are able to entertain themselves and at the same time get various useful pieces of advice.

Possibilities for Renewal

The first season release date was not long ago and there exact figures displaying its popularity: the premiere was watched by about 0.261 million viewers, so this number is not high enough. Its demo-rating at that moment was 0.14. It’s too early to make any prospects about the continuation and soon coming of the series, but all the fans hope that the renewed project will save its unique style.


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