Years of Living Dangerously Season 3

Environmental issues now are increasingly worrying not only scientists, but also ordinary people, as this topic is affected almost everywhere. Hollywood stars also didn’t stay aside, who joined a global movement to attract the attention of as many viewers to the serious problems associated with the environment as possible. Therefore, in 2014 on National Geographic Channel the TV series Years of Living Dangerously was launched, the cast of which are various well-known personalities. By today two full seasons of the show have been presented, and now the public is actively discussing when Years of Living Dangerously season 2 will return. The coming of future new episode is being awaited impatiently, so the next season three is likely to be launched in 2017. Anyway, an exact season release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Creators Crew

Years of Living Dangerously Season 3 Poster
The first season premiere was planned for April 13, 2014. That part included 9 episodes. The following season start was scheduled for October 30, 2016, and 8 episodes have already been released.
The crew of series makers is really impressive. The idea of ears of Living Dangerously belongs to David Gelber and his colleague Joel Bach. Its directors are such people as:

  • Tom Casciato;
  • Jon Meyersohn;
  • Ivy Meeropol;
  • Sydney Trattner.

The star crew of executive producers consists of the following outstanding personalities:

  • James Cameron;
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger;
  • Robert Palumbo.

The network broadcasting this serious and famous project and responsible for all the previous and next air dates is National Geographic Channel, well-known around the whole world.

About the Show

The main idea the authors want to reveal in their series is to tell about the problem of global warming and the consequences of this unpleasant natural phenomenon. The program studies the factors and all the sorts of risks that may result be the result of warming, discusses the changes that can be seen today – rising of the level of the oceans, the extinction of some species of animals, etc.
Among the famous people who participate in the program and act as so-called correspondents, there are many Hollywood stars who are concerned about this problem. Some of them are:

  • Harrison Ford;
  • Matt Damon;
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger;
  • Sigourney Weaver;
  • David Letterman;
  • Jessica Alba;
  • Ian Somerhalder and others.

Series Rating and Prospects for Continuation

The audience is sure that season 2 is not the last one. Their expectations are proved by the rating of Years of Living Dangerously on IMDB: its figure is of 8.5/10, which is very much for a documentary series. There is still no any exact data about when new season is going to be released, but the public hopes that the following season air date will be launched soon and the renewed program will return on the screens. Stay tuned to get finale information concerning the schedule, the date of project runway and possible changes in the cast.


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