The Woodsmen Season 2

A new portion of information about surviving in harsh conditions is presented in the new multipart project named as “The Woodsmen”. Being released as far back as at the end of June 2015, there has been nothing announced by the developers concerning the fate of the project.

With regard to the basic info about the newcomer

The Woodsmen Season 2 PosterDeveloped by the American company and broadcast on History Channel, the serial presents in itself the survival project. As the title implies, the survivors are inhabiting the remote and wild woods. In such a way the five participants of the show are proving the fact that people are still able to live without those facilities modern technologies are proposing to them now.
The premiere of the opening and so far the latest season took place on the original home TV network titled History Channel that is chock-full of such projects by the way at the end of June in the antecedent year.

What is the core of the reality story?

The participants of the show specifically brave survivors are named Mike, Steve, Ethan, Aza, and Jay. They turn to be fed up with the city life packed with dust, noise, and other not so comfortable and pleasing moments. So they pursue the way of simple life in the woods. Perched in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, they construct their own shelters. They embark on searching for food and water hunting and angling in the near rivers.
The Woodsmen Season 2 Promo
They also climb high trees and are enthusiastic about coping with harsh weather conditions including both hot and low temperatures in summer and winter correspondingly.
Some of them are reckoned to be experienced in these issues, others turn only to develop in themselves these survival skills being put into the picture right at once by their elder fellows. All of them, however, have one thing in common that lies in preferring their new unforgiving home to the life they used to live. And they are ready both physically and emotionally for accepting this challenge following their dreams.

What should be mentioned when it goes about the acceptance of the show?

The Woodsmen Season 2 Cast
As the matter stands, unfortunately, the developers are unwilling to unravel the ratings the serial possesses though the broadcast was brought to the end long time ago. If to rely on the information available on various websites that is gathering voices for a variety of filming products, the serial is distinguished by a considerable acclaim from critics as well as from common watchers.

Is there any sense to stay positive regarding the feasibility of the show revival?

This question comes to be quite difficult for replying as the developers are keeping silence holding on tiptoes the loyal following of the project garnered already in the antecedent year. Surely, there is no also information regarding The Woodsmen season 2 release date. So stay tuned in case the creators decide to uncover the fate of this particular reality show.


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