Wine Warriors Season 2

Craft reality shows telling about some form of human activity is the format of the programs that appeared on television not too long ago. Viewers have always wanted to know how the procedures that are usually hidden from their eyes like building, cooking, etc. are carried out. One of such projects, which demonstrate the non-standard and memorable activity, is an American TV series Wine Warriors on a well-known FYI channel. The show tells about the features of such an unusual event, as the producing of wine, its processing and selection of the best samples.
By today it has been presented one season of the program, and both connoisseurs of this grape drink and ordinary viewers are puzzled with an important issue: is Wine Warriors coming back for season 2? Release Date of the renewed show is still unknown, but the public hopes that the return of a new episode on their screens will take place when the creators come to a certain decision about the release of a coming season premiere.

Creators and Organizers

Wine Warriors Season 2 Poster
The first season air date started on August 20, 2016. The channel, which presented Wine Warriors and which is likely to be responsible for the next season release date, is FYI, a famous TV network of the US.
The host of the program is William Browning. Among the crew of executive producers are worth mentioning such personalities as:

  • Andrew Vance;
  • Gerry Venditelli;
  • Tony Shereda;
  • William Browning;
  • Skip Starr.

The number of episodes is 13, and each of them has about half an hour’s running time. The companies producing the series are Red&White Entertainment and cooperating with it Browning Productions and Entertainment.

Plot Peculiarities

The audience is given the opportunity to witness the unusual process of making wine from the moment of picking of certain grape sorts to bottling. The cast of the project are people who understand this procedure, can share their experiences and tell about all the intricacies of their work.
All the actions take place in several wineries, each of which has a reputation as a reliable and trusted manufacturer. On the territory of these plants special excursions are organized, where viewers can independently consider all stages of winemaking and even taste desired samples.

Prospects for Continuation

Not only professionals but also ordinary viewers are waiting when new season is released. In case if the rating of the show is high the creators are sure to renew Wine Warriors for season two. Thus, stay tuned to get all the necessary information about possible air dates and changes in the schedule of the series.


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