Wild West Alaska Season 5

Wild West Alaska is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by Animal Planet with the first season release date on the 13th of January 2013. The filming was done in Anchorage Alaska with picturesque landscapes and magnificent nature. Every new episode of the show is devoted to everyday affairs of a gun shop known as Wild West Guns. Wild West Alaska season 5 release date is unknown yet, but the show is still going.


The series follows Jim & Ken and their everyday affairs connected with buying, selling and using various weapons famous all over Alaska. What they sell is as unique and unusual as their guests are – they are colorful personalities from all over the world seeking help from experienced masters.
Wild West Alaska Season 5 date release

In every new episode, the cast gets stuck in various activities. They make guns from scratch, construct custom shotguns, and learn new ways and techniques of hunting; they participate in hunting competitions, survival contests, and help people living in the Alaskan wilderness constructing survival kits. They simply communicate with each other demonstrating the way they treat each other and abilities to support each other no matter what happens. They battle grizzly bears and help local miners teaching them how to deal with wild American nature of the north. Jim is willing to push his business into the worldwide league of gun selling, that’s why he’s in constant search of new reliable Wild West Guns team members.
Wild West Alaska Season 5

The cast includes Jim West, Ken Feinman, Carolyn Nolin, Vasilika Vanya Marincovic, Wayne Mitchell, Shane Mitchell and others.


In September of 2016, Jim West, the owner of Wild West Guns was pleaded guilty for a number of violations connected with illegal hunting. The show was called for the period of the trial. There was a 10-month paper fight but the agreement was reached. Jim was required to pay $8,000 to the state and about $40,000 of fines. Besides, he had to devote 80 hours to serving in community work service plus three years of probation.
Wild West Alaska Season 5

5th Season Air Date

There are short sneak peeks for the upcoming 5th season that you can find on the official web page of the show, but the release date is kept secret. We will share the news about Wild West Alaska when Animal Planet shares more info about the future of the show in the media.

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