Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia Season 2

You might have guessed that the idea inserted into this series is not new. We have already seen its implementation in the eponymous British TV show. The project under discussion is referred to Australian TV projects broadcast on The Comedy Channel (AU). The first season premiere was held in November 2016. The freshman series is composed of ten episodes. Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia season 2 release date is unknown due to the obvious reasons.
Dan Patterson and Mark Levenson are behind the production of the project together with the team of executives including Kevin Whyte and Craig Campbell. Guesswork Television and +61 TV collaborate on it.

Closer to the Concept

In each new episode every week, four comedians face different challenges, creating characters on their own and submerge them into short entertaining routines on the spot.
Who is responsible for the entertaining part of the series specifically? Let’s mention these Australian stars of comedy. Tommy Little spearheads the cast of comedy performers including such ones as:

  • Rhys Darby,
  • Tegan Higginbotham,
  • Susie Youssef,
  • Cal Wilson,
  • Steen Raskopoulos,
  • Birdie Connell,
  • Tom Walker.

Accepted or Not?

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia Season 2 Cast
Launching a version of the famous project is a big and a risky business, as it can disappoint those who watched the original story. What is this case? Has it replicated the success of the British show?
Fortunately, everything is all right with the general feedback from the audience. There is no wondering why since it features local comedians, most of whom are already familiar faces to the Australian watchers. On the other side, there is low viewership, as only 30 thousand watchers have been following the project. This is not impressive, surely, but chances of renewal exist still, as it is an international franchise and should have its local version. So when will the new season air date be revealed?
Do you agree with the above-mentioned? What are your impressions from viewing and expectations? Can you share them with us? Surely, you can! We would be grateful to hear from you!
Stay tuned for the resumption and the exposal of the new season release date together with our service!


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