Who Do You Think You Are? Season 9

Have you ever thought about your and your family origin? The participants of this show titled “Who Do You Think You Are?” have not been interested in this issue until becoming involved in the project. The TV show yet being long-running and popular in the USA is still waiting for the decision coming from the developers who are to shape the future of the serial in the near future.

What is about production issues?

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Who Do You Think You Are? is basically a reality show created in the genre of documentary which  is pursuing the investigation of the genealogy tree. The serial is by American fabrication and is reckoned to be a version of the famous BBC show broadcast in the UK under the same title.
The opening took place in a far 2010 year on its original home channel titled NBC. In particular it was at the very start of spring. The serial replaced in those times the show under the named “The Jay Leno Show”.
After the launch of the third part of the show, the producers made up their minds that further production of the serial isn’t worth it and canceled it. Much to the luck of the show admirers, the serial returned then but on another channel called TLC brining to the delight of viewers the entire five chapters. The latest season has debuted very recently if to be more concrete at the beginning of the previous month. So it’s currently at its eighth stage of running.
The immediate creator of the show is considered to be Alex Graham. The team of executives is composed of such names as Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky.

The essence of the TV show

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The participants of this reality show are the stars known and beloved all over the world. In the current chapter this cast consists of such famous personalities as Lea Michele, Chris Noth, Scott Foley, Molly Ringwald, Katey Sagal and Aisha Tyler.
The serial is unfolding the family history of each of these aforementioned persons revealing the skeletons in the personal life of celebrities and members of their family. The stars are making this genealogy investigation by themselves visiting various countries and cities looking for their true roots.

Rating numbers

The serial turns to be very inspiring for people urging them to explore their own family history. Maybe that is the reason for the TV show to be so popular and highly appraised.
On IMDb, we are observing the scoring which consists of more than 8 points from 10. So the very idea of the show and its embodiment are reckoned to be great in fact.
Who Do You Think You Are? Season 9 Cast

Possibility of renewal

So far, there is no formal confirmation of the show renewal. And there is no wonder for it as the serial is now broadcast on the home channel providing the viewers with new exciting episodes in which the beloved celebrities are trying to get to the bottom of their family origin.
So as there is no data about the Who Do You Think You Are? season 9 release date as well as about the possibility of future renewal, we should arm ourselves with patience and enjoy now the fresh episodes on TLC.


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