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Despite the fact that most of the programs associated with shooting with a hidden camera are reality shows in the genre of day-and-night surveillance, it can still be possible to find the projects where the main aim is not to show a normal life of people, but their reaction to non-standard and emergency situations. One of such shows is the world-famous American project “What Would You Do?” which is broadcast on ABC channel since 2008. By today it has been presented 12 seasons of this unusual program, and most of the audience asks the creators a reasonable question: when will “What Would You Do?” return for season 13? Release Date has not been announced yet, but according to the audience interest in the series there all the chances for the program to be renewed.

Authors and Hosts

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The broadcast of the series takes place on ABC channel since February 26, 2008. The host of “What Would You Do?” is a famous in the US news correspondent and showman John Qui?ones. The team of scriptwriters includes Clem Taylor, Eric M. Strauss, Ann Varney and Clem Taylor; the main executive producer is Danielle A. Rossen. The company producing the program is ABC News Productions, the world famous American media network. Among the cast of the series are ordinary people, as there is no any accurate plot and staged scenes.

Plot Peculiarities

The format of the program is based on the story of ABC’s newsmagazine called Primetime, but because of its closing the show began to live and develop independently, and quite successfully. The main purpose of the project is to show the reaction of ordinary people to one or other unusual situations. As a rule, it is about something not very pleasant: it is on the verge of conflict battering, some illegal actions and other difficulties faced by sudden program participants in public places. All the replicas and characters actions are recorded on a hidden camera to later be presented to the public. The experts of the project are people of different professions: psychologists, teachers and other respected people who can adequately evaluate participants’ reactions. The program has a great popularity among the viewers all over the world since this genre is not only unusual, but also very attractive; it is always interesting to see how people will behave in a difficult situation, assuming that no one sees them.
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Possibilities of Continuation and Current Ratings

Such a long time of being on television perhaps a little tired the audience and some scenes appearing during the broadcast are beginning to repeat. It is only logical that the ratings are now lower than during the first seasons of the show (the total number of viewers decreased from 8 million to 2 million). Some critics have complained that such a format of the program can be assessed as humiliation of personal dignity of people because of some unethical approach to the process of filming. Thus, whether the show will continue on season 13 or not, it will be known very soon, although the producers have not made any official announcements yet.


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