What If We Get Married Season 2

The new dating show premiered on the TLC channel with couples becoming married at once foregoing all that dating routine. The idea is quite unusual and interesting for following. Is it enough to continue developing this project or not? What are the specific results of this experiment? The series has not been revived so far but we wait for the news at any moment now.

Some Basic Moments

As the title suggests, the reality story is referred to the dating TV shows but here there is one great shift from the format, which we will discuss a little bit later.
What If We Get Married Season 2 Promo
The series is a new part of the TLC programming list. The first season is the latest one so far and includes five episodes. The Magical Elves is behind the whole production. The fate of the sophomore chapter is unknown yet but the unique idea can work in favor of the positive verdict.

What Can be Followed Here?

The zest of the story is that the couples that participate in the show are set to jump over the period of dating becoming married at once. The experiment is rather risky and can lead to nothing but to increasing the amount of divorces.
Thus, finding themselves tied with marriage, the show heroes penetrate into the family routine at once. In the pioneer episode, two couples were shown – Amanda and Christian, who have been “just friends” for 14 years, and Mike and Amy, who have been “friends with benefits” for the last 13 years without any feelings towards each other.
The thing that has turned to unite Mike and Amy has been a dramatic one – the cancer of Mike’s mom. He settles down having refrained from his previous lifestyle when attending various parties and just enjoying the life.
The other couple comes to the show having realized that they fit each other in the best way. So why not to try the marriage at once? They have the same dreams and expectations from the future and this can be the strong reason to become a perfect pair.
The question is what this will lead to. Will they manage to create families with healthy relationships? It is possible but not probable, in fact. In any case, they should not speed up the things. We mean the birth of children here.
What If We Get Married Season 2 Cast

No Announcements Regarding the Future

As the statistic figures after the release of five episodes of the freshman season have shown, a half of the participants have got divorced. Consequently, making this experiment, the happiness of your future family is not guaranteed. The chances of either being divorced or not are equal.
Nevertheless, the originality of the idea can inspire the developers to create at least a couple of seasons in the future.
So far, regretfully, the statements concerning the show future have not been made. Certainly, there is no hoping for the near exposal of the What If We Get Married season 2 release date.
Stay tuned with us if get interested in this project and consider its idea a worthy one.



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