What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Season 3

This series is on the hook now due to the third season still waiting for its confirmation. The latest premiere was held in the previous August and since then nothing inspiring has been heard. Is this the reason for worrying? Can the project be canceled?

Brief review

The series under the title “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” is another portion of experiments broadcasted on the Science Channel in the USA since February 2015. The second season of the story is also released being available since August 2015. Since that moment, the production has been put so far on hold.
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The show production is a matter of concern for Hoff Productions and its executive team including Michael Hoff (World’s Weirdest, Extreme Forensics) and Bruce Klassen (Parental Control, Brew Dogs).

What are the concept and hosts?

The hosts here are named Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds. These two embark on a quest to improve the internet’s biggest fails and show what a little science can do to make them go in a right direction.
Grant used to be a marine with a sharp sense of adventure while his friend Kevin serves as a scientist who knows his onions when it comes down to engineering.

What is going on in the second chapter?

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In the first episode, this couple turns to shoot a video as they build and then try the drones provided with POV cockpit cameras.
Another part included them customizing a motorcycle in order to make it drive hard on both land and sea areas. It sounds like actually amazing, doesn’t it?
As another example of their businesses, we cannot but mention lasers and an air compressor turned backyard using by them into a hole-in-one competition.
As you see, these two men are determined in their actions though sometimes they turn to experience failures. And there is not wondering why. The science acts performed by them can be referred to the craziest ones.
If you have got interested in such marvelous show full of inventions and characters’ charismatic way of treating things, you should not even hesitate when thinking about whether this project is worth watching it. Surely, it is worthy. So let’s follow it together from the very start.
What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Season 3 Cast

When can we expect the release of another chapter?

The way of things is such that the series has not been so far renewed for the second cycle though we feel that the creative team have a marvelous variety of ideas for bringing them into life in new episodes. So what is the reason for such a long hiatus? The cause is unknown and we are left in the cold to wait for the official resumption.
Surely, we cannot hope for the immediate announcement of the What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Season 3 release date. Thus, let’s arm ourselves with patience and continue waiting for the formal press releases. We are also monitoring the official accounts on Facebook and Twitter of the members of the creative team in order to provide you with info at first hand and timely.


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