Welcome to Sweetie Pie`s Season 7

The successful business of the Montgomery family is getting traction with every season though not without challenges, intrigues, and scandals, especially in the latest chapter. What is the fate of the project? Let’s get closer to the reply.

Show Info

The series under today discussion is not a newcomer on American television. Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s is a reality TV show that has garnered its reputation. The OWN channel has broadcasted the series since October 2011.
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At the center of the story, there is the singer Robbie Montgomery and the members of her family. The company behind the production is Pilgrim Films and Television. The show is composed of six seasons now with the latest one having debuted in November 2015. Thus, supposedly, we can expect the release of the next installment this autumn.

Plot Summary

As the title suggests, this show should narrate about the work of the restaurant that specializes in delivering soul food, the products, and dishes of African American cuisine, to its customers. So here it is perched in St. Louis. The owner of it is Robbie Montgomery who used to be a singer in the previous century.
She started her career in the 60 working in the back vocal group for Ike and Tina Turner. Soon after, her career was threatened by a severe disease. So she leaves it and starts a new life opening a restaurant called Sweetie Pie’s and exploits the old recipes of her mom.
Currently, Robbie is 71 years old and she is responsible for the entire set of restaurants in the same city. Not only her life comes for depictions but also the lives of her family members including her son and business partner Tim, his fianc?e, Jenae, their newborn son, and Robbie’s nephew Lil’ Charles.

Following Recent Events of the Story

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The North Hollywood is accepting the members of the family with sunny rays in the latest season, as they are eager to open another their undertaking in California.
Exploring new areas for their business, they face the challenge of climate change and obtaining new clients. Let’s see how they will overcome the difficulties following the recent chapter.

Show Ratings

The warm reception from the ordinary audience, as well as from critics makes us believe in the great future of the docu-series. The four-year course has brought the stable viewership constituting about 1 million watchers. The series resumption is in the cards, thus.

Catching Up With the News

The series additional episodes are now confirmed and will be released in the near future. They have been commissioned by the OWN network. The narration will be again devoted to the Montgomery family. In the latest season, Miss Robbie has filed against Tim for trademark infringement. Thus, we may conclude that new cycle will touch this issue, certainly.
There is no info of the Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s season 7 release date but be in the swim, as it is felt to be around the corner.



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