WAGS Season 3

A new glamorous show for the fans of the Real Housewives has appeared for the second time with a new portion of episodes this summer. What new has we revealed for ourselves watching its second cycle? And what is the series future?

Brief Review

What does the title hide in these four letters? Specifically, it delivers the essence of the reality show broadcasted on the E! channel since August 2015. Now the fan base raised on the Real Housewives and on shows of the same type are in possession of two installments, with the latest one having appeared this summer.
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The full title is Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars, by the way. The lives of the love partners of the famous athletes are shown as they are. The program is produced by Machete Productions.

Likewise the Real Housewives or Something Different?

Speaking in a frank way, the series idea is the same as in the famous franchise. Everything is narrowed to fancy cars, extravagant vacations, and endless shopping events. The show lacks in rating numbers, however, but about this a bit later.
The drama is an immediate part of the narration, there is no doubting in this, as it is the thing that tackles the audience interest. In the first season, watchers meet a small team of women leading unbelievably glamorous lives, yet often they feel lonely and insecure.
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Latest Events of the Glamorous Show

This summer release has turned to surprise us with the appearance of new members in the cast with more dramatism added to the reality story. The new faces here are beauty expert Sophia Pierson and Ford model Tia Shipman. Meanwhile, Sasha Gates, Autumn Ajirotutu, Barbie Blank, Nicole Williams, Nathalie Halcro, and Olivia Pierson come back to the show with more enthusiasm to boast their glamorous lifestyle. The second season includes twelve episodes with the traditional duration of one hour.
The twists turn to happen in the lives of the partners of the famous athletes. What are these twists exactly? In order to become aware of them, let’s follow the already available sophomore chapter.

What are Ratings?

WAGS Season 3 Cast
The series cannot boast high rating figures. We have mentioned this already. However, is the state of affairs so tragic? In fact, the tendency of viewership decline takes place and the developers have nothing to do but create new approaches and develop new ideas if they wish to make the program going and even getting traction. Only something actually mind-blowing can improve the situation and help the series to stay afloat at least.
The average viewership as of the second chapter constitutes 0.5 million people. It is not a great loss in comparison with the freshman season but the tendency is not inspiring indeed.
The series fate is an undefined issue now. It is possible that the developers will give another chance to the series and the WAGS season 3 release date will be ultimately exposed next year. Stay tuned for any kind of updates if you are a loyal follower of this program.



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