Vet School Season 2

A new medical show on Nat Geo Wild is pursuing to show the innards of the working process of veterinarians at one hospital for animals. The series ratings are quite sufficient in the background of the channel ranking. So the second chapter can take place but is so far unconfirmed.

Brief review

Vet school is a fresh American TV show with the focus on the work of the veterinarians at one hospital. The series is broadcasted on the Nat Geo Wild channel in the USA.
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Its development is fully behind the producers from Thinkfactory Media and the home channel of the series whose names are Lisa Tanzer and Jenny correspondingly.
The series premiere was held in the previous autumn, particularly at its beginning. The first season is so far the latest one. There has been no confirmation of the second one but it can appear now at any moment.

What is the concept?

The programming list of Nat Geo Wild is much packed with shows about veterinarians and its specialization requires it, by the way. Among them, we can note The Incredible Dr. Pol, Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER, and Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet.
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This particular series turns to narrate about four graduate students at Cornell University as they are spending their weekdays and weekends working along with experienced ones from the veterinarian clinic.

What is going on specifically in the first yet the latest season?

The pioneering episode showed a first-year and thus a newbie and an inexperienced student named Dan Cimino. Right in his first days, he has to deal with a couple of serious cases, which require quick reactions from a doctor.
Aria Hill is a fourth-year student. She performs a surgery on a cat by pulling 10 teeth out. At the same time, an orthopedic surgeon teaches Singen Elliott, a fourth-year student, that treating tiny kittens and horses differs greatly. They should understand that animals are like people and individual approach is here also necessary.

What are the reviews and chances of renewal?

Vet School Season 2 Cast
The audience accepted the show with much enthusiasm though being already pampered by the similar projects that do not lack in suspense and cliffhangers. The competition is, however, very rigorous and challenging. Consequently, the project needs to survive among those more experienced shows that have already garnered its reputation.
The supposed launch timeframe of the second part of the show should be this upcoming September. As the matter stands, there has been no news from the developers regarding the Vet School season 2 release date, as well as concerning the possibility of the resumption.
There is still some time before the predicted traditional launch that is why we should not hang down our heads and hope for the best. Therefore, we recommend you staying tuned in the case breaking news comes off. The announcement can appear unexpectedly at any moment now. So keep abreast of new installments together with us.


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