Vegas Rat Rods Season 3

Reality shows deal with people’s genuine emotions. That’s why directors and producers from all over the world realize unique projects with new unpredictable formats and memorable characters. Vegas Rat Rods from Discovery Channel has been gaining popularity for two successful season dealing with automobiles and people who create them in wild Las Vegas deserted outskirts. Shall we hope for the renewal and the 3rd season of this reality project or not? We’ve studied the info from several website to create this review and we’ll be adding more as updates as soon as we find more info about it.

In Brief

Steve Darnel is not used to work alone. He is accompanied by a crew of professional mechanics and automotive engineers. They probably look weird being a group of oddballs psychologically separated from social life. However, these misfits are geniuses in the world of automotive production. But what they do is a lot more than upgrading old cars into new projects. Their style is inspired by the apocalyptic world of Mad Max, wilderness of the desert and extremely crazy rides.
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They find their treasures out in junkyards and deserted fields with abandoned farms. Their wild creativity and never-ending imagination result in automotive pieces of art with peddles made from horseshoes and car seats changed for real electric chairs. All of this is combined with high quality inside parts with high technological modern performance. Each episode is devoted to one car.

What do the Viewers Think?

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Most part of the audience find Vegas Rat Rods amazing providing the show with high ratings and possibilities of its continuation. Nevertheless, some of them are sure that the show would be a lot better without long stories of personal life’s affaires of the mechanics. Some of the fans are also annoyed at Twiggy – a model that decided to deal with automotive business to make it an insult for all the mechanics in the world. It looks distracting and senseless for most of the viewers.

Possible Release Date

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Vegas Rat Rods started in 2014 making the audience feel practically startled with creativity of rod specialists. The updates of the project are more than just possible! The renewal has already been announced by Discovery Channel and the third season of the show will evidently get back to your TV screens. It will consist of 10 episodes one hour length each. Unfortunately, the date is unknown yet, but we keep track of updates and will do our best to provide you with some precise data as soon as we can. The crew is working hard on the production of the series and it won’t start until next year. Stay tuned!


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