Untold Stories of the E.R. Season 11

Absolutely all the fans of TV series will agree that programs about medicine have always been very popular and will continue to have such popularity; it’s enough to mention “House M.D.”, the world-famous story. Many fans of this genre know another show of documentary type telling about the work of doctors and different medical mysteries they face with. This project is called “Untold Stories of the E.R.” and has existed since 2004. By today the creators have already released 10 seasons, and the majority of fans are puzzled with only one question: when will “Untold Stories of the E.R.” season 11 begin? Release Date of the series is already known, but firstly it’s necessary to describe in detail the plot line of the program and the information provided by the creators of the project.

Plot Peculiarities

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The series describes the most unusual and mysterious cases the workers of medical emergencies face with in the United States. Their patients vary widely: there are patients with mental disorders and those who threaten the lives of doctors, and those who dramatize their illnesses very much. The project is based on real events, but in many episodes the roles of patients were played by actors, and all the names changed, so the authenticity of the events is impossible to be judged clearly.
Despite some improbability of the plot the series is very popular not only among doctors but also ordinary people who are following with interest the adventures of ambulance crews and worry about their difficulties.

Authors and Creators

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The directors of “Untold Stories of the E.R.” are Tim Prokop and Paul Benz, and the production of all the episodes is carried out in the United States. The show has a great number of producers which indicates its popularity. Among these people the most outstanding persons are Gary R. Benz, Michael Branton, Elizabeth Browde, John Drimmer and Daniel Helfgott. The company responsible for the output of the series is GRB Productions, and all the translations take place on such American channels as Discovery Life and TLC.

Ratings and Prospects of Continuation

Even the fact that in each of the episodes real medical cases were observed, according to critics’ opinions the actors often overplayed, and sometimes all of the events did not look very realistic. Nevertheless, the viewer still continues loving “Untold Stories of the E.R.”, and on December 4, 2015 season 10 was released. Now the creators have officially announced that they are going to extend the series for another season. Due to its high ratings the show must go on, and the authors were absolutely right taking the decision to present 11 season. The format of the program will remain the same as before, and each episode will last about 50 minutes. According to the provided information by the completion of season 11 it will have been released 122 episodes, which is a very serious result. The fans of the project hope that the continuation will be not less exciting and catching than all the previous seasons and will be able to attract everybody’s attention again.


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