UnREAL Season 3

Even before the debut of the sophomore cycle, we have been aware of the fact that the third chapter is destined to be launched in the future. Now this future is determined. It is the next year, much to the luck of the fan base. Stay tuned with us in order to get notified of the exact release date.

Brief Review

The series is a dark comedy that revolves around the real life of a young manipulative reality television producer. The creators of this show are named Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro. In June 2015, they launched the first season on the Lifetime channel. The sophomore chapter has appeared in the same month yet this year.
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The series hails from Wieden+Kennedy Entertainment while the team of executives includes the names of again Marti Noxon, Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, Robert M. Sertner, Sally DeSipio, Peter O’Fallon, Bill Davenport, Carol Barbee, and Adam Kane. The volume of seasons equals ten parts.

Narrative Summary

The pivotal storyline surrounds the life of Rachel Goldberg, a producer of various  dating shows including Everlasting. His work is to create drama on television with which he copes much brilliantly.
He has to apply all his skills, as his boss, executive Quinn King, demands the high level of dramatism in the dating stories. The suspense is outrageous that does not let any viewer get away from a screen. By what means is it achieved? To investigate this issue, you should submerge into this project. You will get to know the whole insanity of a reality television series production.

Audience Feedback

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The scripted show about creating reality show is a rather unusual idea for bringing it into life. Though having only two seasons under the belt, the series has been honored by the American Film Institute as Television Program of the Year and a three-time nominee for Critics’ Choice Awards.
As for the exact rating figures, they are healthy with 7.4 IMDB score and 0.5 million watchers per episode during the freshman release. On Rotten Tomatoes, the level is almost perfect – 98%! Can you imagine this? Moreover, the figures are steady concluding from the entire launch of the second season. Therefore, the series chances of revival will be high for the following several years. What is your attitude to the show? Have you already watched it? Share your impressions with us leaving your commentaries below the post!

Renewal for Season 3

You can feel relaxed now knowing that the series has been renewed for the third chapter, even before the debut of the second one. The next installment is determined to include ten episodes, as the tradition requires it. The developers have scheduled the launch for the next year, surely.
We should just stay tuned for updates related to the UnREAL season 3 release date. Follow us and you won’t miss a chance to get to know the release dates of your favorite TV projects and movies at first hand!


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