Unlocking the Truth Season 2

Unlocking the Truth is a fresh portion of investigational series on TV. As the title promises, we are destined to get to the bottom of real criminal cases. So, get ready for this if you decide to follow the project!
The freshman season release date is known as August 17, 2016. The premiere has been set on the MTV channel. There are eight episodes included in the show, as for now. The pioneer one was made as kind of promotion on YouTube and Facebook Live.
As for the cast, two hosts named Ryan Ferguson and Eva Nagao lead the narration on the show season premiere. Among the names of executives, we should mark out the following ones:

  • Michael Davies,
  • Stacey Altman Shepard,
  • Adam Kassen,
  • Debbie DeMontrieux,
  • Andrew Jenks.

Unlocking the Truth Season 2 Cast

Following the Concept

Ryan Ferguson has his own tragic story of being convicted wrongfully. He was sentenced to spend four decades in prison. Only in ten years, he was then completely acquitted with the assistance of attorney Kathleen Zellner, the lawyer for Steven Avery (Making a Murderer).
And now, this person is eager to assist other people who have been unlucky to face the same challenge in life and who have lost any hope to cope with it.
With the help of Eva Nagao, the director of the University of Chicago Law School’s Exoneration Project, he explores three special cases of Michael Politte, Byron Case and Kalvin Michael Smith who claim their innocence.

As for Ratings and Reviews

The obvious fact is that the series performs a great social task of releasing people from jail who have been convicted of the crime they have not committed. The statistical data say that about 60 thousand people in prisons all over the USA are not the true performers of felonies. Consequently, the developers have many materials to bring to the public.
Unlocking the Truth Season 2 Spoiler
As for the series rating level, it is average with 0.4 million viewership per each new episode. On IMDb, it is evaluated as a perfect one – 8.4 points out of 10. This is much inspiring, indeed.

No News as for the Future

Currently, nothing has been revealed regarding the fate of the project, as well as the Unlocking the Truth season 2 release date has not been exposed. For the latter news, it is too early yet the resumption can be confirmed in the near future.
When can the second season air date be announced? Only the next year if the verdict rendered is in favor of the project yet it should be in favor – the potential is actually amazing. Stay tuned for updates!


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