Undressed Season 2

To help lonely people to find a pair and gain personal happiness is a task that is carried out by many of today’s program. But unlike them a non-standard British project Undressed makes it somewhat provocatively. Young people’s dates are in an intimate atmosphere, which speeds up the process of knowing each other and reveals all the character traits of both partners more quickly. By this moment the authors have presented one full season of this unusual show on TLC channel, and the main issue of concern to the fans of the series is as follows: when will Undressed Series 2 be released? Premiere Date of season two is yet to be announced, and there all the chances for the coming series to be renewed for the better.

Authors and Producers

Undressed Season 2 Cast
The first season release date took place on July 15, 2016 on a well-known TLC channel. The format of the program was taken from an Italian project having the same name. The style of this British show is similar to its predecessor except for a few minor things.
The crew of executive producers includes the next persons:

  • Neale Simpson;
  • Peter Usher;
  • Steve Jones.

All the rights to the series belong to an outstanding network Zodiac, which also responsible for the broadcasting of every new episode.

About the Series

Undressed Season 2 Spoiler
The main feature of Undressed is the circumstances of dating. The cast of the program are ordinary people of different races, religions and social status. The task for a man and a woman is to undress almost completely, lie in the same bed, and then respond to provocative questions. And all this is happening on cameras, which even more complicates the already awkward moment. After not very long dating young people have to decide whether they want to meet in the future, or they have already had enough time to communicate with each other.
Despite the ambiguity of the principle of such dates, there is sympathy between many couples. At the same time during the shooting there is no tactile contact between a man and a woman, they do nothing but talk, getting to know each other from various sides.

Viewers’ Feedbacks and Expectations

A non-standard format of the show can be viewed as a kind of experiment, which applies to people of different strata of society who are not familiar to one another. Despite many indignant responses from many viewers, the show now is gaining popularity at a faster pace than ever and attracts a large audience. Just as in Italy, the British project has become a real hit.
The new season premiere is being awaited with great tension and interest. The next part of Undressed is likely to be not less interesting the previous one. So, stay tuned to get exact information about the second season air date, all the changes in its schedule and its return on the screens.


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