Undercover Boss Season 8

The fight against unscrupulous employees is a trend to which today are increasingly turning supervisors and senior management of large corporations, where each employee is hard to be followed and to monitor the implementation of clear responsibilities is necessary. In order to show the audience one way of such control, the British television network Channel 4 in 2009 presented an unusual documentary series called Undercover Boss. This project was a breakthrough on television, and to date 7 seasons have been released successfully. Recently shown the last episode of the seventh season has been shown, and immediately after that the audience began to worry about the continuation of the program. But not long ago the viewers received great news: Undercover Boss season 8 is renewed — release date to be announced. The renewed season premiere will soon be presented, and the new episode will definitely be released when all the creators and producers come to the same conclusion concerning the terms and details of renewal.

Authors and Developers

The latest seventh season air date was presented on December 20, 2015. It included 12 episodes, and the last part was shown on May 22, 2016. There is still no information about the number of episodes in the next season.
Undercover Boss Season 8 date release

The people responsible for the return of the program on the screen and for the presenting of the following season release date are included in the crew of executive producers. Among them are worth noting such professionals as:

  • Rachelle Mendez;
  • Stephen Lambert;
  • Scott Cooper;
  • Eli Holzman;
  • Chris Carlson;
  • Shauna Minoprio;
  • Stef. Wagstaffe and others.

Undercover Boss Season 8

The announcer of Undercover Boss is Mark Keller; the network where the coming of the series is being awaited is Channel 4, a British TV corporation.

Brief Review

The format of the project is extremely unusual: as the cast are presented the heads of large companies, who after passing the preliminary preparation under the guise of an ordinary employee in finding job arrange in their own companies, where theycommunicate with the team of workers and make the necessary conclusions. After some time a disguised boss reveals his identity. He invites employees to his office, encourages the most conscientious and hard-working colleagues and punishes those who do not cope with their responsibilities.
Undercover Boss Season 8

Soon Renewal and Viewers’ Interest

The news that the new season will soon air is a great pleasure for its lovers. On a world famous website IMDB the show has a rating of 5.8/10, and this is an average result. However, Undercover Boss has a lot of fans around the world waiting for the finale announcements of when season eight will be released. Stay tuned and getm the schedule of an upcoming part and find out different details of the series.

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