Undercover Boss Season 8

Being engaged in the very process of your company work is a useful way to find out all flaws, as well as pluses in it. This very idea turns to be exposed in the TV show under the title “Undercover Boss”. The series has its seven circles under the belt and waits for the official confirmation of the eighth one.

Making a sketch of the TV show

High ratings, as well as numerous awards and nominations, are peculiar for the settler on the American channel called the CBS network. This long-running show is called Undercover Boss that is narrating about the inner work in the company as CEOs are set to penetrate into it working as regular employees pursuing to find out all problems that can impede the company’s success.
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The inspiration of the idea is coming from the British project, which serves under the same title. The idea was then generated by Americans specifically by the producers from Studio Lambert. The executives here are Stephen Lambert (creator), Eli Holzman, Chris Carlson, and Scott Cooper.
For the first time, we have an opportunity to watch this show back in 2010 in particular in February. The latest season was given a green light in this past January.

What is the concept?

Each part pf the series is dedicated to the exploration of the work of the company by CEOs as they plunge into the duties of regular executives and try to expose the very problems which prevent the company from growing.

Are ratings enough to continue the show?

The situation is that we are almost sure that the series will be renewed for the following several parts as its ratings are truly impressive. The appraisal of the show is coming from both critics and ordinary viewers.
Awards and nominations including the victory in 2012 and 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards in the coveted category of “Outstanding Reality Program” are under the belt of this project.
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The series viewership is really imposing with it constituting 8.3 million watchers to the moment of the release of the sixth installment. Moreover, this is referred to the increase in ratings since the debut of the fifth installment. Thus, the series keeps gaining traction despite the status of a settler on CBS that could lead to the decline in ranking on the contrary.
The seventh installment was released with the viewership dropping a little bit to 7.5 million people. But this could not be the reason for canceling a project that delivers such a profit to the channel.

Can we expect the renewal?

This question has no concrete answers but some suppositions can be made, nevertheless. The series is noted for a high critical approval, as well as for numerous prestigious awards. The viewership is also great that can be added to the advantages while thinking over the project future.
The renewal can be only now a question of time, as well as the appearance of the Undercover Boss season 8 release date. Be in the swim in the case any other info emerges.


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