Uncommon Grounds Season 2

What do you know personally about coffee? We get used to swallowing up it in the morning and as soon as we need energy in our bodies. Yet what is its history? It is an ancient drink and is exploited all over the globe yet in different ways depending on the certain country and the culture. Uncommon Grounds will provide you with a full answer to this question. The freshman season is available and we are looking forward to the next one.

Making a Short Sketch

The travel reality show is a documentary with which you will take your passion on the road searching for the best coffee in the world following Todd Carmichael who is considered a coffee magnate.
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The series comes to be produced for Travel Channel on which the series has been distributed since the previous September. Has something been heard of the sophomore chapter or not?

As for the Idea

Well, we have already penetrated into the concept of the show a little bit. Let’s continue following the ideas of the show, as we feel that you are much anticipated about this. So, Todd Carmichael, a successful entrepreneur, is traveling across the entire globe to source the best coffee. During his journeys, we become aware of the certain traditions of a coffee culture. Yes, this usual morning drink has its culture and customs! Yet they are different depending on the country and this is the zest of the story – the specifics of multiple cultures are shown through the lens of coffee. It sounds like very compelling indeed, doesn’t it? Well, if you are a coffee addict (in the positive sense, surely), you are destined to follow this show.
Todd is set to raise the coffee standards in America, at the same time. The host is also to find out the coffee’s critical role in society. Together with the cameraman, Todd will show us the diverse world of coffee. Many traditions, which he unravels during his expeditions, full of quests, he will bring back home in order to present them to his customers.
What exact places has he already visited in the freshman installment? Well, they are Cuba, Zambia, Iceland, Turkey, and Japan.
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Reception and Renewal Potentials

The series is insightful due to its capturing theme, as practically all of us prefer a cup of coffee when feeling the lack of energy in our body system. Coffee will make us stronger and ready to cope with a difficult daily routine. Yet we are preparing coffee practically always in the same way, each time purchasing mainly the same brand to which we have been accustomed. This show will provide us with more info and will make us understand the negative sides of it also.
As for the series fate, the developers and the producers from Travel Channel are tight-lipped when it comes down to this issue. The story is next door to cancellation so far, as the launch timeframe has already passed by us. Stay tuned if you wish not to miss the premiere of the following installment and catch the Uncommon Grounds season 2 release date.



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