Two in a Million Season 2

One of the most touching projects ever released by TLC that started airing on the 6th of April this year. This reality is set up in New York. This show inspires people suffering from hardest and rarest of conditions possible. So, what is it about?

The Format

Try to imagine one of the hardest medical conditions in the world. Then, imagine a person living with such a condition. Imagine his or her sufferings, struggles, moral and physical pains. There’s no one who can really understand and feel the same. Even nearest and dearest, closest friends and family have no idea about this pain. These people live in hardest of isolations – they are surrounded by people, but they have no one to share the most private things. But Two In a Million finally gives a chance for two people sharing the same medical condition get acquainted and have one week together. They’ll finally have a chance to share their feelings, struggles and triumphs. They’ll also accompany and support each other while visiting well-known doctors. They’ll communicate in order to finally get the answers to the questions they’ve always wanted to answer.
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This TV series demonstrates the powerful journey of people living with rarest and most unusual and unpredictable health disorders. The producers manage to bring a unique insight into this personal journey. These two in a million manage to create the connection that is usually more powerful than the one created by healthy people.

The Most Remarkable Ones

  • Giovanni and Owen have one of the rarest conditions in the world – it’s Schwartz Jampel syndrome. The boys’ muscles constantly and painfully contract. This leads to hard respiratory issues and horrible pains in joints. The mothers of the boys find each other with Facebook, realizing that their kids look very alike! The families share tips on the treatment, the surgeries and parenting.
  • Bobbi is from Arizona and Kenny is from New Jersey. Their condition is lamellar ichthyosis. People often call it the fish scale disease. The skin scales giving way to a number of deadly infections. Their skin grows too quick turning into large scales. Both Bobbi and Kenny are now together to support each other in different procedures like bathing, painful exfoliation and constant moisturizing. This routine can take about two hours.
  • Tiffany and Destiny suffer from osteogenesis imperfecta. Two of them had broken about 300 by the age of three. Now they are 21 trying to become independent.  They travel together driving specially designed vehicles.
  • Austin and Elena were told that they would not survive infancy. Hoever, their thirst for life proved the doctors wrong. They suffer from Goldenhar syndrome –it’s a disease that provokes incomplete development of the nose, ears, soft palate, lips, and jaw. They also suffer from respiratory complications and have troubles with hearing and eyesight. They get through numerous reconstructive surgeries and confide each other.

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Release Date

The show enjoyed numerous positive reviews and highly rated by the critic and viewers. However, the release date of the second season is unknown yet and the show itself hasn’t been officially renewed.


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