Twinning Season 2

Those who have watched the pioneer chapter of the serial under the title “Twinning” have felt a bit confused when getting acquainted with such a big team of twins that look absolutely identical. With average ratings got after the release of the first season, the show now on the edge of cancelation. But let’s hold out hope that the producers will take a risk to develop another chapter.

About the new reality show on VH1

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Being the representative of the genre of reality show, Twinning presents in itself the competition which immediate participants of the twin pairs. They are tested for various intelligence and physical skills. We should thank Lighthearted Entertainment for the production of the reality serial hosted specifically by the one and the only Angie Greenup.
Having only one pioneer season at disposal, the series debuted particularly in the middle of July in the antecedent year. The home channel is titled VH1.

What are the teams of a competition pursuing?

The partakers are the twins that look like two peas. They are checked for different skills both in mental and physical terms. The main prize of the show is a considered to be great sum of money that constitutes $222,222.22.

The game turns to be divided into several rounds each new episode is depicting that are released every week.
So the contestants have a grand prize that is really worth struggling for it. But the main thing of this given reality show is that it is not only the depiction of game. It is reckoned to be full of drama, feelings, and emotions. The creators have made the family values a key pillar of the story touching in such a way the heart strings of viewers. This additional yet significant aspect adds much to the show obtaining its own viewership.

Available information about the ranking level of the show

According to the available data about the rankling level, the serial garnered during its first run the viewership that us evaluated in about 500 thousand people. It seems like not a great success gained by the story. But on the other hand it should be considered as a good start.

Does the story have chances of further renewals?

Twinning Season 2 Cast
The serial is in fact worth further development being promising enough to gain traction with the release of the following chapter. The fan base will be joined by other people who are fond of such kind of competitive reality shows especially if it touches such a great idea as family relationships.
As the matter stands, we are no in possession of information concerning the possibility of the project renewal as well as about the Twinning season 2 release date. There is nothing in course in fact but to hold out hope that the developers of the project will shape the future of the serial in favor of its continuation.
No matter what kind of a decision the creators of this competitive reality show are doing to make, we should be ready for the appearance of any kind of news coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

Update: Twinning Season 2 Status

It’s been years now, and yet we’re yet to hear the good news about Twinning’s fate. Does that mean the show is going to be canceled? Of course not! Or, at least, not necessarily. It is still possible, especially with how many shows don’t get a second chance. Will Twinning be one of them? Unknown at this time, but, hopefully, not.
If the show does continue, it is very likely to restart this year. Make sure to become one of our subscribers so that you don’t miss an announcement about its update.


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