Treehouse Masters Season 6

The Animal Planet channel is to present new episodes of the Treehouse Masters show which the sixth season is already a confirmed undertaking. Stay tuned in order to be the first one who will get to know the exact launch date.

Brief review

As the product of the executive team consisting of the trio Mark Grove, Garry Kief and Troy Queen, the series that is referred to as Treehouse Masters is documentary series about how houses are constructed, designed, and decorated. The series idea is developed specifically by Charlie Foley and Sarah Thompson.
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The production company here is called Stiletto Television. The broadcast is held on the Animal Planet network in the USA. The current number of seasons is five. The first release was set on May 31, 2013.

Describing the idea

The main hero of the show, that is its host is named Pete Nelson. He has got a marvelous team consisting of the experts who know their onions when it comes to building houses. Together they travel across the country pursuing to find people who want to reconnect with nature and awaken their inner child in order to create beautiful one-of-a-kind private escapes, which are large houses made from wood.

As for the latest chapter

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The latest premiere was held in this past January. The season consisted of six episodes and two special issues which duration constituted one hour.
In that installment, Pete and his creative group of professionals return to screens to create more magical houses and make some lucky people’s dreams come true.
For this time, the show transfer viewers to new locations around the USA, from Texas to Connecticut for even more inspiring and complex builds.

Concerning ratings

A healthy viewership and favorable reviews – all these things are peculiar for this long-running project. The series future can be reckoned as defined for the following several years as the viewership constitutes 1 million people taking into account the series is at its fifth stage already.
The solid fan following is anticipated now about the release of the next installment. But can it appear? Has the resumption been already announced? Let’s turn to this immediate question for discussion.

Catching up with the news

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As the spring exposal of the future programming list of the Animal Planet channel showed, the series under discussion is the one being included in that list due to the ratings growing from season to season.
To make a long story short, the series future is defined as the sixth installment is announced to take place sometime in the future, maybe even in this year. But as the traditional launch timeframe proposes, it is more probable to appear in January 2017.
The Treehouse Masters season 6 release date is yet to be scheduled. As we should not be under the illusion that it can appear in the near future. Nevertheless, be in the swim in the case of the early appearance of the inspiring statement.


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