Treasure Quest: Snake Island Season 2

The new serial “Treasure Quest: Snake Island” is currently on the fence. Especially since there is no information about the feasibility of its resumption so far.

Brief review

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Developed for Discovery Channel, the project “Treasure Quest: Snake Island” only has one season so far. It follows a team of courageous divers who have set off on a quest in search of hidden golden treasure on an island near the coast of Brazil.
The serial’s cast includes such people as Mark Kadin, Joseph Boyle, and Will Ehbrecht.
The debut of the series took place in the USA on its home TV network. On the Australian variant of the channel, this reality show saw the light a little bit later, on the first day of fall 2015, to be more precise.

Why do the followers watch the show?

As it has been said above, the viewers of this show have the opportunity to watch a group of treasure hunters. The leader of this close-knit team is Cork Graham.
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So why are they watching that exactly?
The reason is the Treasure of the Trinity. It was lost back in the sixteenth century, on an island packed with golden snakes. This type of snakes is, in fact, the most dangerous. Most of their bites cause death.
That makes accomplishing the team’s task practically impossible. But that is the point. It, however, does not stop the members of the cast that come to survive on the Snake Island on their free will.

The ranking

The serial has turned out to be quite compelling with its idea. And that, in fact, contributes to the popularity of the show. To name a few numbers, we should mention the scoring on IMDb which constitutes about 6 points out of 10.

Potential for a renewal

Treasure Quest: Snake Island Season 2 Cast
Though the serial cannot boast a high appraisal, it remains worthy of a resumption. There is one more reason for the serial to be resumed for a new episode. The current situation with the show is that the members of the team have not yet found the treasure. Which makes us believe that they will try their chance in the following season as well.
So far, there has been no news about the feasibility of a renewal since the past year. Let alone the Treasure Quest: Snake Island season 2 release date. But the already existing audience seems to be expecting the appearance of another chapter and will be waiting for it.
So let’s follow their example and monitor the situation together with our reliable service. We get the news about the launch of many projects straight from the source.


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