Top Secret Swimming Holes Season 2

LMNO Productions has produced a new show to present it on the Travel Channel for us. The first release is dated back to June 2016. Without even hesitating about whether to continue it or not, the producers commissioned the series for season 2 and started creating the second installment right away. As for now, Top Secret Swimming Holes season 2 release date has been already delivered and this is good and inspiring news, surely, for us, the fans of the adrenaline kinds of sports and admirers of landscapes. When will the second season premiere be held? On a side note, Scooter Yancer is again producing the show as a leader of the cast of executives. So we are to face the most amazing diving experience again. The lovely water landscapes, the beauty of the pure water and much more are going to be shown in the following installment.
Top Secret Swimming Holes Season 2 Poster

What Are Those Places Shown?

Among the places shown in the first chapter, there are crystal clear waterfalls hidden away in Arizona’s Indian Reservation, underwater caves that date back to the ancient Mayan civilization, a Vermont quarry. Staying in any one of these breathtaking places is a true adventure to remember. However, while you are still making plans as for your trip there, tune in and enjoy the sights offered by the channel.

Rating Level

Top Secret Swimming Holes Season 2 Spoiler
Extreme water sports will not be for everyone yet this project is overloaded with those romantic moments that can be dear to the taste of everyone. The viewership is not so great, frankly speaking, comprising only 0.3 million watchers per each new episode, yet we hope that it will not influence the verdicts. To make a long story short, the rating level is not so top-notch but still sufficient to create more chapters.
Do you agree? What are your impressions from the first release? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! We would be much pleased to hear from you!

Hot News

We have already teased you with the new season air date. What is it? The fun summer series is going to return to TV screens soon, as Travel Channel has defined the day for launching it for the second time. The new season release date is January 1, 2017. It seems like an inspiring start of the new year, does not it? So prepare yourself for new marvelous adventures and tune in on a determined day!


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