Timber Kings: Under the Hard Hat Season 2

Timber Kings: Under the Hard Hat is a fresh addition to the slate of the HGTV channel that serves as a spinoff to the Timber Kings series, which has been for the broadcast since 2014.
The freshman season release date is March 13, 2016. Six episodes were launched then, taking over the time slot of the Timber Kings’ third season that has been recently finished.
Timber Kings: Under the Hard Hat Season 2 Poster
Meanwhile, the head of the creative team is named Liam Cripps. The cast of executives includes:

  • David Paperny,
  • Cal Schumiatcher,
  • Adam Wikenfield,
  • Audrey Mehler.

The narration is presented by Troy MacNeill. Paperny Films is the production company of the whole franchise.

Following the Concept

The pivotal theme is the depiction of the construction of state-of-the-art log homes, as well as hospital playgrounds, wooden rafts, and so on and so forth. This is the suitable challenge for the beloved guys from the Timber Kings log home construction company, who have become favorites for DIY watchers.
Timber Kings: Under the Hard Hat Season 2 Cast

Some More Particulars

What more should we know about the project? For what purposes has it been launched at the start of this year? Will there be the continuation of it? This reality series follows the most amazing cases of constructions for the latest seasons of the original show. In each new episode, we should be prepared for the separate portrayal of one of the members of this professional crew. The series shows their backgrounds and achievements in all spheres of life.
The show seems to be a unique one, does not it? How do you personally feel? Have you already followed this spinoff or not? Share your opinions with us by means of leaving comments below!
In any case, the spinoff is as much exciting as the main project. The series is an extra dimension to the pivotal program of Timber Kings that has garnered an almost perfect score on IMDb – 7.8 points out of 10.

When Will the Next Season Air Date be Exposed?

The current day has nothing to propose to us in terms of the possible future of the project. The developers are still to renew the program for the second season. Yet we hope for the best and wait for the near rendering of the verdict in favor of the program. Stay tuned with us, in order to be notified of the next season premiere in time!


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