This Time Next Year Season 2

One of the most motivating projects, which have recently been launched on ITV channel, has become a real discovery for those viewers who have long wanted to radically change their lives. The reality show called This Time Next Year is a series that talks about strength of mind and of what a man inspired by a specific idea can achieve. The first season of the program has not ended yet, but the audience has already begun to send the authors of the show the same question: when will This Time Next Year season 2 return with its renewed episodes? Release date of the next new episode is still unknown. The coming of the continuation is now being highly awaited. The second season release date is likely to be announced in the next year, so the fans now can follow the information given by the producers and hope for soon renewal.

Authors Crew

This Time Next Year Season 2 Cast
The first season premiere was launched on November 2, 2016. The pilot part is supposed to contain six episodes each lasting about one hour.
The host of This Time Next Year is Davina McCall, an English TV presenter. The crew of the people developing the series consists of executive producers and includes such personalities as:

  • Cat Lawson;
  • Andrew MacKenzie-Betty;
  • Melanie Leach.

The distributor of this British series is Twofour Rights; the channel which is broadcasting This Time Next Year and which is going to release the new season is ITV, a respected British TV network.

About the Show

The cast of the show are people who have made every effort to radically change their lives. The participants are given a period of one year to do this.
This Time Next Year Season 2 Spoiler
Among the problems with which people come into the project, one can meet the fight against overweight, lack of love, difficulties in bringing up children. Someone is trying to get back to normal life after the amputation of his legs, and someone lost his voice after the accident is working to bring it back. All of these people made a serious step, overpowered themselves and decided to publicly admit their problems. The program This Time Next Year helps to overcome all the difficulties on the way to success and achieve the desired result.

Viewers’ Interest and Possible Continuation

The first season air date was being awaited by the audience of 4.22 million. Of course, this figure lowered a little during the season, but, anyway, the viewers’ interest is rather big. And besides the series has gained a few followers in other countries of the world – Denmark, Australia, Germany, etc. where the creators have also started making a similar project.
There is still no definite news concerning when new season air date is going to be presented. Stay tuned not to miss the schedule and be aware of the authors’ finale decisions.


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