This Is Not Happening Season 4

This Is Not Happening is not a new series on the Comedy Central channel. The comedy first broadcast is dated back 2015. Three seasons have been already given promising starts and we have nothing but wait for the following compelling episodes. The latest release has been arranged in the recent past. Officially, the third season release date is October 13, 2016.
Comedy Central serves not only as a distributor but as a production company. The entire team of professionals is working on the project in a tight collaboration. Among them, there are:

  • Eric Abrams,
  • Alisa Chieves,
  • Samantha Saifer,
  • Ari Schaffer.

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The show hails from the live show arranged at one club in Los Angeles. Once it moved to online streaming. After that, Comedy Central took this undertaking under its wind having chosen it for TV broadcasting. Moreover, the show became the part of the cable airing being the first one taken from the digital slate. This fact is much significant and speaks of the great future of the show. The extension from eight to nine episodes with the third season premiere is another proof to this.

Cast Members

It is time to list some participants of the show who make us laugh even when we have no desire to do this. Well, the host of the show is Ari Shaffir. Other comedians are Joe Rogan Kurt Braunohler, Kumali Nanjani, Bobby Lee, and some others. The current third season features such personalities as Big Jay Oakerson, Gastor Almonte, Louie Anderson, Greg Fitzsimmons, Sofiya Alexandra, Liza Treyger, and more.
All of them are comedians who know their onions when it comes down to presenting true-to-life stories in a hilarious and entertaining way in their mockery monologs in each new episode.
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Among the themes covered, there are romance, crime, travel, drugs, psychedelia, and many others.

Current Achievements and Renewal Possibility

The series is highly competitive in that variety of shows on the channel, garnering such excellent scores as 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb and 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even this can be taken as a ground for creating more and more cycles. Apart from this, the talented comics from the whole country should have its platform on which they can develop their skills.
The recent debut of the show leads to nothing but the expectation of the revival verdict and This Is Not Happening season 4 release date. Will the new season air date be exposed ever? Chances of the revival are good at least. Stay tuned for the upcoming news!


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