This Is Not Happening Season 3

Central Comedy is overloaded with various projects that provide us with good humor all days and nights long. However, the project under today discussion is a special one that is noted for a very positive feedback from the audience due to the comedians knowing their onions when it comes down to mocking at everyday problems of humans.

General info

This is not a regular comedy TV show that is picked up by the Central Comedy channel in order to broadcast at least something. This series is founded on the live comedy performance held at Cheetahs club in Los Angeles.
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The production is lying on Central Comedy as well. The team of executives is composed of Eric Abrams, Alisa Chieves, Samantha Saifer, and Ari Shaffir. The latter on serves as the host of the show. Jeff Tomsic (Idiotsitter, The Detour) is behind the direction of the stand-up story.
The premiere of the first season was set in January 2015. The latest installment premiere is dated back to February 2016. The current amount of episodes equals sixteen. The future of the project is known now – the third part will be launched. The appearance of the info about the launch is expected getting closer to the start of the following year.

Stand-up show and its participants

The concept of the show is rather simple. Various stand-up comedians are presenting their monologs in front of viewers. Among them, we should point out such ones as Bobby Lee, Joe Rogan, Marc Maron, Paul Scheer, and Kurt Braunohler. There are also others not less professional in their sphere of mockery at modern problems of the society.
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The true stories are brought in such a way that nobody can just restrain from laughing though all problems discussed touch everyone.

Favorable opinions and scorings

Well, ratings are so high here that we can affirm with much sureness that it will be a settler on Central Comedy for the following several years. The scoring on IMDb proves this statement as nothing else – perfect 8.1 points out of 10.
Thus, the story keeps pace garnering more and more watchers in front of TV sets while the release of regular new episodes. This thing cannot but please all of us, as this can be reckoned as a guarantee of the series resumptions.

When can we expect the release of the third chapter?

This Is Not Happening Season 3 Cast
The respectable level of the show ranking made the early announcement of the renewal possible. Right after the release of the final episode of the sophomore chapter we got to know that the third part would take place.
Now the main question is when. The predictions are that it is much probable that we will enjoy new hilarious jokes at the start of the next year if the launch start is not put off. This Is Not Happening season 3 release date can be expected only at the start of 2017.
Stay tuned together with us in order to be in the know of all events and statements that touch this stand-up project on Central Comedy.


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