There Goes the Motherhood Season 2

A new insightful educational project for parents has been launched with the premiere season on the entertaining channel called Bravo amidst this past April. Is this serial that is now so far on the bubble getting traction in terms of growing popularity or not? Let’s find it out.

With regard to the project itself

Presenting by the nature an insightful education course, the series under the title “There Goes the Motherhood” has started supplying parents with useful advice concerning the principal concepts of child raising in the middle of the already past April. Thus, now the project is on the run.
There Goes the Motherhood Season 2 Poster
The series stars a famous parenting expert and licensed psychotherapist named Jill Spivack (Mom Assembly).
Being very similar in the style to the project referred to as “The Real Housewives”, There Goes the Motherhood season 1 debuted on its home channel called Bravo. The pioneer installment is composed of 8 episodes.

Considering the concept

The participants of this show are six women. As the title suggests, the parents here are only moms. Each of them have given birth to one or more kids. The wealthiest in terms of the amount of children is Beth Bowen, a privileged mom of four, who used to lead the life of a princess until she got divorced.
Jen Bush is also now a single mother but she is possession of only one child. She lives now together with her father and has a very low self-concept.
Other characters named Meghan, Stefanie, Leah and Alisa are considered to be stay-at-home mothers.
With the great idea for the show, the project makes it a practice to teach our heroines how to become true moms from the perspective of psychology with the release of each episode providing the viewers, and these are women composing the target audience of the project, mainly with gossip and drama unfortunately to our surprise.

With regard to the audience accepting

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The scoring of the serial on various websites doesn’t exceed the average point. On IMDB, for instance, it constitutes only 5.7 points from 10. The critical acclaim is not also about this project. According to the critical point-of-view, this series though having a useful idea for depiction at hand, has been turned to the reality television newbie that is lavishly packed with gossip and drama.
In spite of this fact, the series has its steady fan base consisting of women thus being female-oriented. So, the series has got chances to be renewed for another installment.

Following the news concerning the future of the project

After all, the story that is full of gossip and drama can deserve further development as there is a large number of people who like these two integral parts of practically any TV show.
But so far we have no information available concerning the feasibility of the resumption as the serial is on the run. We have nothing in the course now but to monitor the situation with this TV show about parenting in order be let you know if some changes take place.


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