The Westbrooks Season 2

The new reality show on the BET network, “The Westbrooks”, is about women gaining fame. And it is waiting for the decision of its fate, as the viewers’ comments are quite controversial. So far, the creators are keeping silent about this project. Let’s hope that it is only a matter of time. The show is worth at least a sophomore season.

Some key facts about the newcomer on BET

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A reality show, this series runs on its home network BET. It is a narrative about five ladies, who are sisters to each other, and their path to fame.
The first episodes are more than entertaining for American viewers and admirers of reality projects. It debuted in the middle of October of the preceding year.

What is the essence of the story?

This reality series features the path of five sisters to stardom. These ladies are now celebrities in the social networks. They have over 2 million fans!
The series chronicles their professional as well as personal sides of their life, including relationship issues, working matters, brilliant thoughts and a lot of other motivational things they keep putting into effect. So their life is depicted not only in the accounts on Instagram but also in the entire TV serial. It is now composed only of one chapter.
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And now let’s talk about these ladies some more. So Bree and Brooke serve as supporters of the fashion dressing industry for big people. Morgan is the owner of a sun tanning parlor. She has a lot of tattoos on her body. Crystal is a typical hippie. India Love, on the other hand, is considered to be the next engine of this large family whose members are brave and smart enough to convert their achieved fame to material and other income.

What is the feedback from the American audience after the first season?

The serial has received quite a controversial feedback. That is a story for people who are fond of watching how other people live and achieve success. People who do not take a keen interest in such things would be rather unhappy. But this doesn’t mean the creators should cancel the serial only because someone doesn’t like following other people obtaining success in the life. The serial has its audience, and it is enough for creating following chapters.
The Westbrooks Season 2 Cast

Can we hope for the appearance of the second chapter?

Certainly, some rumors are wandering on the Internet that the serial will have a continuation. However, as the matter stands, there is no information from the official resources concerning The Westbrooks season 2 release date as well as the possible chances of resumption. So let’s arm ourselves with patience and keep monitoring the situation that can change at any minute.

Update: The Westbrooks Season 2 Status

Sometimes, silence is really telling. But we hope this is not the case in this instance. That said, the fact still stands.  There undoubtedly is the lack of any official information about the second season’s fate. With things as they are now, it might be quite possible that the producer will cancel the series or, indeed, have done so. The latter is less likely, as they would have probably made an announcement.
Although there is hope, it is really slim. What can we do? Nothing major. We can wait and hope. What can you do? You can subscribe to us so that we could inform you if something comes up.


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