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To show the war in its real guise on television is generally not a good idea, but documented facts about these or other special military operations, of course, survived. For the country to know its heroes and could assess their feats, History channel has recently introduced a new large-scale project on the war called The Warfighters. It is based on different stories of veterans of different wars and documentary evidences, preserved to this day. The audience, watching the first season of the show, now is constantly asking about when series The Warfighters season 2 will debut. Release date of the renewed program is not discovered yet. The next new episode will become a real pleasure for the lovers of such a genre, so the authors should hurry to present the next season premiere of the renewed project.
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Creators Crew

In honor of the celebration of Veteran’s Day the first season release date was scheduled for November 11, 2016. This part consisted of four episodes.
The developers of the series are its executive producers. The most well-known of them is Peter Berg, famous for his military projects, who is at the same time the host of The Warfighters helped by Bert Kuntz. His coworkers are:

  • Matt Ginsburg;
  • Brandon Carroll;
  • Paul Cabana;
  • Matt Goldberg;
  • Russ McCarroll;
  • Jenny Ewig.

The company producing the series and is likely to be responsible for all its possible air dates is Film 45; the network presenting the show on the screens and which is going to announce its next season air date in is world famous History channel.
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Plot Review and Series Cast

The program tells about special US military operations carried out in certain years. These are anti-terrorist actions and other conflicts, and in the show the differences between the way the war was conducted before and the methods are used today are clearly visible. The narrative of this documentary show is often first-person and many facts are told by the survived veterans, former members of special units like Navy SEALs, rangers and others. In the series there are a lot of battle scenes, harsh and exciting frames that are both severe and at the same time catching realities of the war.

Show Rating and Number of Viewers

The return of The Warfighters is possible, and its coming would be quite predictable as during the first season the project has gained various positive feedbacks from both critics and ordinary viewers. The average number of viewers for all the four episodes was about 540.000, an on IMDB the show got a rating of 6.6/10, which is not very high but at the same time proves that the program is interesting to a great number of fans. Stay tuned to receive finale news regarding possible renewal and not to miss an important schedule of the series episodes.


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