The Voice Season 12

The Voice is a reality TV project created in the USA and released by NBC channel. The creators of the competition series were inspired by The Voice of Holland, the original series with this format. The aim of the show is to find talents in singing (professional or self-taught). That’s a good chance for those who have always dreamt of getting to the world of successful talented musicians and singers. The contestants should be more than 13 years old to participate in the competition. They are picked out on public auditions.

The winner gets a $100,000 cash prize and a deal with Universal Music Group as a start for a brilliant career. The Voice season 12 release date is already known. Besides, season 13 is also planned!

The Voice Season 12 date release


It consists of couches – professional and experienced musicians. They act as critics to the performances of the participants, share their opinion and pick out artists for their teams. Then, the couches start a competition – their aim is to demonstrate real talents of their teams and artists they’re training. The couches participating in the project are: Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green, Shakira, Usher, Gwen Stefani (till present), Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus (till present) and Alicia Keys (till present).

The Voice Season 12


Every season of The Voice starts with the Blind Auditions. The couches’ chairs face the audience while the participant performs. If one of the judges gets interested in the participants, he or she presses the button in front of the chair and when one of the judges presses the button, the chair turns around to let the judge see the performer. The chair is illuminated to make everyone see the “I want you” slogan. If one of the judges presses the button, the participant joins his or her team. If more than one judge presses the button, each of the artists has a chance to choose a couch.

Next step is called Battle Rounds. The couches pairs the members of their teams and trains them to perform together. Then, each of the couches has to eliminate one of the participants. In every season, there’s a new episode where the couches are assisted by celebrities.

Next step is Knockout Rounds where pair of artists sings individually one after the other. They never know who they’re going to compete with. They choose the songs themselves, however, they’re still controlled by their mentors. The process elimination follows as usual.

Lastly, there goes the final performance on public, where people vote for the best artist. The coaches have the right to leave one of the artists that didn’t get enough votes to give him or her a chance to perform again. When each of the mentors have only one participant to train, the artists compete in the finale. Public picks out the winner.

The Voice Season 12

12th Season Air Date

The twelfth season release date of The Voice is planned for the 27th of February 2017. The series is planned to be prolonged for one season more in 2018. When we get more news on The Voice project, we will let you know.

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