The Vet Life Season 2

Not long ago, in the summer of 2016, started a new show about animal care, the series that immediately came to love not only those viewers who appreciate wildlife, but also ordinary public. To help our younger brothers is a very noble cause, and the authors of the project The Vet Life on TV channel Animal Planet presented the program, which is aimed at precisely that. As the cast highly trained specialists take part in the show, and the audience sees and appreciates it. After the first season of the series came to an end, a very serious question arose connected with the project return on the screens, and the audience is still puzzled with the following question: when will The Vet Life season 2 begin? Release Date of the coming season premiere hasn’t been mentioned in mass media yet, until any finale decision has been announced, it’s impossible to say that the new episode will not be released. The next part of the renewed program has all the chances to debut, and it will probably happen in 2017.

Production Info

True lovers of The Vet Life clearly remember that the pilot season start took place on June 4, 2016, and the last episode (there were 8 episodes) was shown on July 23, 2016.
The Vet Life Season 2 date release

The task of developing the show, presenting all its episodes and making the series in general is carried out by the crew of professionals, consisting of the following people:

  • Lisa Tucker (a director);
  • Jairus Cobb (an executive producer);
  • Shannon Biggs (an executive producer).

The channel which is responsible for the next new season air date and broadcasting all the episodes of the program is Animal Planet, the worldwide TV network.
The Vet Life Season 2

About the Show

When new season two is released it is likely to have the same cast including the following professionals:

  • Dr. Aubrey Ross;
  • Dr. Diarra Blue;
  • Dr. Michael Lavigne;
  • Marilyn Swick, a nurse.

The series tells about the hard work of veterinary team that saves lives of animals and help both wild animals and pets, often balancing on the brink of danger, but always diligently doing the work. In addition, the show tells the story of the doctors themselves, their families, lifestyles and how they got into the project.
The Vet Life Season 2

Such a format is interesting for the viewers as the program is not just a set of separate stories; it looks like a full series with its characters, plot, etc.

Series Rating and Renewal Potential

The authors still have not made official announcements concerning the continuation and haven’t given the schedule of the future part. On a famous website IMDB it has got a rating of 7.6/10, and this result cannot be called bad. Stay tuned to make sure on your own that the show will be continued and the next season release date will be known in the nearest future.

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