The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Season 2

The newcomer on National Geographic has gathered a large amount of positive opinions towards it, as it is insightful even for those who feel skepticism about such thing as faith. The series second chapter will come out next year without no doubts, as the revival has been already announced.

Short Outline of the Insightful Docu-series

A new documentary show in its core, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman has been broadcasted on National Geographic Channel only since April 2016.
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Season 2 Poster
The brains behind this project are Freeman, Lori McCreary, and James Younger. The whole production is possible due to National Geographic Channel and Revelations Entertainment. The first season is the only one so far presented in six episodes.

Clear From the Title

The theme and the narrator of the series are clear from the title already. So, here we are to face discussions regarding various religions since each religion is a part of a certain culture.
The series has managed to include the travel of Freeman across 20 cities in seven countries. What is he searching for there? In fact, it is the very core of the world faiths that interests him. It is not also without paying much attention to the rapid scientific progress and the vector towards “digital resurrection”. The second episode includes the exploration of the apocalyptic prophecies in the world religions.
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Ratings and General Reception

The ratings of the series are high enough indeed. The score on IMDb equals 7.7 points out of 10. The average viewership is 3.5 million people. Taking all these data into consideration, the series can be referred to the highest-rated shows on National Geographic this year. Additionally, the series is nominated for Emmy Award.
There is no doubting about the winning status of the show. The renewal should be thus something actually obvious about this program though the first season has been expected to become also the last one.

Following Recent News

The show plays a pretty useful role making us think over issues that have been food for various world philosophers throughout the history of humans. The developers have been just compelled to keep developing this insightful program.
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Season 2 Cast
That’s why already at the start of this summer, we have received inspiring news that the series has been revived for the second installment. Freeman is set to continue his search for the truth and answer the question whether there is a Chosen One.
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman season 2 release date is not near in coming now. Supposedly, it can emerge only when moving closer to spring 2017.
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