The Restoration Man Season 8

The Restoration Man is a TV series about home improvement created and released in the UK. The main cast member and the presenter of the show is George Clarke. He deals with redesigning of architectural treasures that have been neglected for a long time. The filming is done in Britain. The release was carried out by Channel 4 with the first season release date on the 14th of March 2010. The Restoration Man season 8 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the show is popular and still going due to the stable ratings and true fans of George Clarke.


The show follows George Clarke, a gifted architect. He’s traveling around GB meeting with people owning various historical property or with those who want to simply restore some important spiritual place. The host chooses structures that are no longer usable as residences. When people have no idea what to do with this or that building, George suggests a number of restoration options for each of them. Every new episode is devoted to a significant building with historical past. It can be a water tower, a windmill, an old church or something else. George manages to reconstruct these places into comfortable, convenient and yet, totally unconventional homes.

The viewers will experience the difficulties appearing in the process of renovation and reconstruction. There are certain restrictions for buildings of different types. Some places are not destined to be rebuilt in apartments acceptable for living. However, Clark always manages to come up with a creative and perfect solution from both technical and aesthetical points of view. Besides, Clarke does deep research work into the history of each building and interviews numerous people that were somehow connected with its past surprising the new owners.

George Clarke

George Clarke is not just a talented architect – he’s also a media personality, a writer, and a TV presenter. Besides, he shares his knowledge on his lectures on art, design, and architecture. Hosts several TV projects connected with the restoration of old buildings. After his dad’s death, he lived together with his remarried mom. At that time, he was six. He was popular at school; however, he’s always been shy keeping his thoughts to himself. His grandparents were builders and their work served as an inspiration for his future profession. At 16, he started working at the firm belonging to David W. Johnson. Studies building and construction at Sunderland and had practice at Newcastle University. Then he graduated from Bartlett School of Architecture in London. Renovating old houses has always been his favorite pastime.

Season 8 Air Date

Unfortunately, Channel 4 shares no official information about the future of The Restoration Man in its eighth installment, but we keep tuned to the latest news and when more info on the show is available, we will share it with you in out further updates. Willing to see the renewal? Have something to say about the project? Leave your comments down below and share your point of view with our users.


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