The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2

Another spinoff of the famous franchise with new characters and a fresh portion of drama has been offered this year. The future of the project is yet to be defined by its creators, the producers of Goodbye Pictures. Their decision can depend on the channel that is yet to make an order. Stay tuned if you are pursuing to get to know the specifics.

Show Background

There is no essence in saying that the series is a spinoff of the famous franchise of The Real Housewives. If to be exact enough, it is the ninth addition to the program set.
The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 Poster
The place for new rumors, squabbles, and intrigues is Dallas here. It is new on the Bravo channel. The premiere is dated back to the recent past – April 2016. The team of producers is composed of Rich Bye, Andrew Hoegl. and Andy Cohen with Goodbye Pictures being the company behind the whole production.

Offering Some Specifics on the New Spinoff

The concept of the show is clear enough for all of us. The interest may lay in the very participants of this spinoff. So, they are Dallas women including Connecticut native Cary Deuber, actress, host and model Tiffany Hendra, Oklahoma native Stephanie Hollman, former Miss USA pageant competitor LeeAnne Locken, former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Brandi Redmond, and  Marie Reyes.
The drama here is as much intense as in other spinoffs of the franchise. You won’t feel the lack of it while watching episodes, surely.

Viewership and Scores

The question is whether this typical reality drama has managed to receive great rating figures. Well, frankly speaking, the situation is not so much inspiring. Maybe it is time for the developers to start thinking of some changes in the show ideas in spite of creating more and more undertaking with the same idea for depiction yet with different characters. In any case, we are not going to criticize the show. Let’s turn to exact numbers and everything will become clear enough.
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The show debuted with only 1 million watchers with a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic. This level in viewership has been maintained, nevertheless, during the whole release of the freshman season.
The score on IMDb is average with only 5.8 points out of 10. It could be much greater, couldn’t it?
In any case, everyone is in the right to decide personally whether to follow a new spinoff or not. Surely, it is packed with personal dramas and if you like watching dramas, the program is for you, ladies mostly.

Can We Expect the Appearance of the Next Installment?

The series ratings are not high yet the resumption is possible due to one reason, which we have already underlined. The show ladies are much charming to attract the audience. As the viewership is low yet stable, the revival can be made in the near future.
There is no waiting so far for The Real Housewives of Dallas season 2 release date. Stay tuned if you are pursuing to get to know the specifics in the nick of time.


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