The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

This reality project is one of the most well known in the list of American reality TV shows. It’s so close to simple real life that it attracts a great number of viewers that never stops growing with every new season and upcoming episode. All of the eight seasons of it centered our attention on women from Atlanta and the way they get through their family, romantic and professional lives. It’s so down-to-earth and exciting at the same time that we can surely hope for new ideas and emotional, memorable moments in the upcoming 9th season.

Brief General Facts

RHOA was released on the 7th of October 2008. It’s a part of Real Housewives TV project. Each season is filmed with the participation of new women concentrating on their everyday struggles. All the housewives are presented by their second names.
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Short Storyline of the First Season

This description will help you better understand the format. Each season has slight differences in number of participants and unpredictable unscripted situations, but the general idea is always the same.
In the first season of RHOA we get acquainted to five housewives. One of them is named Leaks. She gets into a serious argument with another housewife named Whitfield. It turns into an aggressive conflict after an incident at Whitfield’s party devoted to her divorce. Zolciak, the third housewife, has a secret romantic relationships with the so-called “Big Papa”. Her boyfriend seems to be unknown to the public. Zolciak also decided to devote her life to county music and start a career of a singer.
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She was a good friend of Leaks, but this friendship was completely ruined when Leaks started communicating with Whitfield and laughed at Zolciak’s intentions to devote her life to the world of music. Two more housewives named Snow and Wu-Hartwell devote much time to the development of their careers. Snow is willing to become a successful socialite and Wu-Hartwell is interested in jewelry design.
The series is filled with sincere female emotions, strained situations, tears and laughs. Each season introduces new characters. The lifelines of the characters from the previous season will continue developing adding new colors to the portraits of these beautiful and unpredictable women.

Reception and Reviews

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The critical reception was quite moderate. The positive thing that the critics point out is that it pays attention to the successful African-American people. One of the well-known critics named Tim Hall, on the contrary, is sure that RHOA is ridiculous, though from emotional point of view women’s conflicts look natural and dynamic. Some critics blame the housewives for being too self-absorbed and selfish. Nevertheless, the show stays as popular as it was for its positive entertainment issue.

Release Date of the 9th Season

Be ready for the good news cause the ninth season is already on the way! NeNe Leakes announced some teasing details about the casting process and new elements of the show. Subscribe to updates if you’re afraid to miss the release date of season 9.


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