The Rap Game Season 3

The admirers of such musical genre as rap should be now gladdened with the news that the new television series under the title “The Rap Game” has been already renewed for the following chapter. The opening of the upcoming season is slated for this very summer.

What should we know about the serial?

The Rap Game Season 2 Poster
The Rap Game is considered to be a newcomer in the musical television of America. The premiere of the first episode has been held this year, particularly on its first day. The reality series is broadcast on Lifetime. The team of executives is composed of such people as Queen Latifah and Jemaine Dupri. These two stars are also the hosts of the reality project. They are working also in a tight collaboration with Mechelle Collins, Kevin Dill, Sean Rankine, Laura Fuest Silva and Chris Deux.
The pioneer chapter includes 8 entire episodes. The fabrication studio is reckoned to be Intuitive Entertainment. The filming of the reality show takes place in Atlanta.

The essence of the show

In the show, 5 rappers are participating. These participants come from various from across the USA. Their age is fluctuating between 12 and 16. They are working with the hosts of the show who give them their professional advice. In order to become a member of the reality show team, they have been already working hard on their singing techniques and other issues important for creating a stylish image of a rapper.
The Rap Game Season 2 Promo
The question is what the goal of all these participants coming to the show? The main prize prepared for the winner is the contract with So So Def Recordings. It is nothing but a direct way to a star life. Thus, the young rappers have a great chance to take in order to expand their creativity and become a popular person.

How has been the pioneer season accepted by the audience?

The show was accepted with flying flowers. The main reason for it is considered to be the vast scale of the project itself as well as its inspiring purpose. Such great chance can be now obtained by common young people who haven’t been famous before they have entered the show. And even participating in it is nothing but a success. The thing is that the members of the show will get an opportunity to be noticed by various producers who are following the show choosing people in order to make stars from them taking into account their potential on the scene.

When to expect the third chapter?

The Rap Game Season 2 Cast
In the middle of this February, it has become known that the reality show is resumed for another chapter. Moreover, we are aware also that the debut of the upcoming new part is scheduled for this 2016 summer. Isn’t it inspiring news for the fans of the show? There no doubting that it is in fact.
However, so far there is no data about The Rap Game season 3 release date as well as about other details of the upcoming new season. So stay tuned and wait for the official announcements coming straight from the developers of the show.

Update: Rap Game Season 3 Confirmed and Scheduled!

And this happens! We now know when the third season comes out.
And, let us tell, you, it was not an easy ride. Not that we had to fight tooth and nail for this info but still, such a long expectation can surely be taxing. Having to wait, and wait, and wait… And keep in mind that we have to watch hundreds of projects simultaneously. Some of them get canceled and never recover. It’s hard to deliver such news. Thankfully, not this time. This time we have nice news to deliver.
The Rap Game season 3 release date is January 13, 2017. And that’s very soon.
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