The Raft Season 2

Yet another National Geographic project is entitled “The Raft”, the newcomer that serves to highlight the limits of the human survival. So, it is a regular show about brave people who embark on living in seclusion. The series second chapter is yet to be confirmed. Therefore, check back with us in order to get wise of any kind of changes in the situation.

Brief review of the whole series

The Raft is a project created by Brian Catalina Entertainment, the studio that members have been working on Ultimate Survivor Alaska, one of the flagships on National Geographic, the home channel for this given series under discussion. The assistance was also proposed by the multimedia studio called Electus.
The Raft Season 2 Poster
The adventurous show has been broadcasted since April 2015. The first chapter is so far the latest one. Nevertheless, we hold out hope that the second one will be finally confirmed in the future. The first season includes, by the way, six episodes.

What are concept and background?

The series comes to be inspired by such similar project as Wicked Tuna, Life Below Zero and Ultimate Survivor Alaska, broadcasted also on National Geographic. Here the limits of the human survival come as the object for testing. Thus, if you are a follower of such type of show, you are just compelled to watch it.

Concrete events

As for the exact on-goings, we cannot but mention here the two strangers who embark on a hazardous adventure together without having sufficient provision being in possession of only one raft. Thus, they turn to find themselves in the Bermuda Triangle with no food or water, hundreds of miles away from civilization. So, they should switch one their imagination and survival skills in order to supply themselves with shelter and food.
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On the island, where they find themselves, they should live for about a week. Whether they are able to face such a challenge, let’s see it in the first season.

Ratings and reviews

The series acceptance is on a high level. Thus, you cannot worry about it. You and other followers of projects of such a type, we mean the survival theme here, seem to feel anticipation about the future new episodes that are nevertheless yet to be confirmed. So, the chances are good and we should be ready to obtain info about this real life story at any moment.

When can we expect the release of another chapter?

Regretfully, the situation is such that we cannot give a concrete reply to this question as the official confirmation is so far flying in the air. The chances are good due to the positive response coming from ordinary viewers, as well as from critics.
We are not under the illusion that we will see The Raft season 2 release date but still hope for the best course of events. Therefore, we are set to monitor the situation with much prudence in order to get you acknowledged timely. So, follow us and you will be notified as soon as data are unraveled.


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