The Profit Season 4

The audience of the CNBC channel has the fourth season to take up their time now. Thus, there are no worries about the fate of the project appearing on the Internet. Let’s enjoy season 4 and wait for info about the fifth installment meanwhile. Follow us, in order to be notified about any changes in time.

About the Show in Brief

Presented as a reality show on the CNBC channel in the USA, The Profit comes to show us the ways to the success of Marcus Lemonis as he shares his experiences in various undertakings. Lemonis offers investment capital to small business owners and advice in return for a part in the company.
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The series first debut is dated back to July 2013. Currently, there are three full seasons and the fourth one broadcasted since the preceding month. The series has its spinoff already entitled as The Partner having debuted this year.

Concept and Ideas

Marcus Lemonis is the main person of The Profit show. What is he? Why should we follow his advice? Are his tips useful? Following the replies to these questions, we should define the very personality of Marcus at first.
He is a successful businessman, as well as inventor and philanthropist. He plays an important role in the recreational vehicle industry turning many struggling businessmen into flourishing industry leaders.
In 2008, Ernst & Young declared him Entrepreneur of the Year; and already in four years, he started helping small businesses that were on the verge of bankruptcy.
To the great surprise of all of us, the channel does not pay him, nor does he get any assistance with his investments in the companies he aids. Thus, he is a volunteer who is set to deliver benefit to everyone who needs it.

Recent Rating Figures

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The series is related to motivational ones that provide every viewer with a great hope for the best future. No matter whether you have you own undertaking or not, this series will be of much use to you in any case.
As for the ratings of the series, they are high enough indeed at the least the scores on various aggregator websites are. On IMDb, we are dealing, for instance, with 8 points out of 10.
As far as the viewership is concerned, here the state of things is not as much positive as it has been expected. The amount of watchers hardly reaches the point of 0.3 million people in comparison with the third release when 0.7 million watchers were gathering in front of their TV sets.

Concerning the Predictions Related to the Series Future

At the present moment, we have not news regarding the series future, as the debut has been held much recently and thus, it is too early for such things.
There is no waiting also now for the resumption. Let’s follow thus the fourth installment. The Profit season 4 release date is August 23, 2016.
You should stay tuned, however, in the case of the early resumption which is not probable to be made with the decline in ratings received after the release of the latest episodes. Follow us, nevertheless, in order to be notified about any changes in time.


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