The Prancing Elites Project Season 3

Dance projects today have become almost the same success as vocal ones, because there are a huge number of people in the world who not just can dance, but also ready to demonstrate their talent to the public. One such show is an American TV series The Prancing Elites Project on a popular TV channel Oxygen, which has been broadcasting since the spring of 2015 and has already been presented in the form of two seasons. The main question of the majority of fans of this male dance show is as follows: when will The Prancing Elites Project season 3 premiere?

Release Date of the next renewed part hasn’t been mentioned on the Internet, but according to finale rating and viewers’ interest to the series it will return with its new episode rather soon.
The Prancing Elites Project Season 3 date release

Production Info

The coming of the following season air date is still unknown, but the viewers are in great tension. They remember that the first season premiere took place on April 22, 2015, and the second season start happened on January 19, 2016. These two parts include 12 episodes each running about 42 minutes.

The crew of executive producers consists of such talented filmmakers as:

  • Kelly Hefner;
  • Alana Goldstein;
  • Grant Rickard;
  • Tom Capello;
  • Adam Davis;
  • Sara Quick.

The main production company developing The Prancing Elites Project and responsible for the previous air dates is Crazy Legs Productions; the channel broadcasting the program and the one which is sure to present the second season release date is Oxygen.
The Prancing Elites Project Season 3

Plot Review and Cast

The main cast of the show includes the following five members:

  • Kareem Davis;
  • Adrian Clemons;
  • Timothy Smith;
  • Kentrell Collins;
  • Jerel Maddox.

All these participants have a few common features: all of them are African American and all of them are gays. This does not prevent these people from demonstrating excellent dance training and showing their skills around the world.

Regardless of any features of these people, their talent is highly valued by many viewers, and an unusual format of the project only fuels the interest of the audience to this show.
The Prancing Elites Project Season 3

Show Rating and Renewal Potential

Whether season two is the last or not it will be known pretty soon. Anyway, the viewers’ interest to the program is rather high, which is confirmed by the rating on IMDB (6.8/10). It’s not the highest figure, but it proves that The Prancing Elites Project has its constant fans that are eager to learn the schedule of an upcoming season three when new part has been announced. Stay tuned and get this data as soon as it’s announced by the creators.

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