The People’s Couch Season 5

The fourth season of this reality show was given a January start this year. Herewith, it is high time to announce at least anything that is related to the series future. What will it be? What should we expect? Let’s be in the swim following the recent developments.

Brief Review

The series is another spinoff of the popular show on a British television entitled as Gogglebox. It could be called an American version of it that debuted in October 2013.
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This reality show is a part of the programming list of the Bravo channel. As of today, we have four seasons already available for online watching on various resources. The latest debut has been held at the start of this year.
As for the team of producers, it is composed of Stephen Lambert, Eli Holzman, Tania Alexander, Aliyah Silverstein, and Jacob-Holmes. Studio Lambert and All3Media America are included into the duo responsible for the whole show.

Concept Summary

The series turns to revolve around people, friends and families in particular, as they watch various shows commenting on everything shown on screens in a very amusing way making the audience laugh.
The cast that is changed from episode to episode includes people of various ages, races, as well as sexual orientation. Everyone can be chosen as a participant of this show. The only one condition is to be a sharp-tongued applicant.
Among the most recent watched series, there are such ones as Colony, Lip Sync Battle, Skin Tight, The Haves and the Have Nots, Hell’s Kitchen, and Billions.
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What are Ratings?

What can we say as for this issue? Well, the situation is much promising. The IMDb score is decent with 7.7 points out of 10. The viewership is low yet steady constituting 0.6 million watchers, as for info on the latest season. The developers made an attempt to improve this figure launching twelve episodes instead of eight as it had been during the four-year course.
As for the reviews, they are not much favorable though are not negative. The audience has turned to be divided into those who love it and those who hate it or, at least, indifferent to it. The latter hold the opinion that it is a full copy of Gogglebox with participants having nothing exciting to say.

Resumption is not Confirmed yet Probable

The possibility of the revival is high indeed though the controversy of opinions towards the worthiness of the program has been traced throughout the whole run constituting four seasons.
The fifth season is not a confirmed issue though it is high time for the developers to make the situation clear in order to provide the fan base of the show with the necessary info. Otherwise, a chill of doubt will come upon all of us very soon, especially when entering a new year.
We can only keep our chins up and hope for the near appearance of The People’s Couch season 5 release date. Stay tuned for more updates, for changes in the situation are in the cards.


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